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How To Have Better Sex Than Ever Before After Your Husband Cheated
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Who would have thought, that your husband's cheating could actually help improve your sex life at home? It's true though. Many couples who have gone through the pain of a cheating spouse find that there are some benefits that come from the experience.

One of the benefits you might learn to appreciate is an improved sex life as a result.

But, HOW can you have better sex now that you know your husband's been cheating on you? You would think that would make things WORSE, wouldn't you?

There's one really GREAT thing that happens in the aftermath of a cheating husband. You start TALKING to each other.

This isn't the same old mundane conversations you've had in the past. Now you're talking about heart and soul kinds of things. You're opening up and sharing deep emotional issues that you may not have talked about together in YEARS.

What does this have to do with your sex life? Well some of the things you start talking about are fantasies, likes, dislikes, and things you want to do and try. Not just in the bedroom. Not just related to sex. But things that are more intimate and that bind the two of you closer together.

It's true that the more open you relationship is the better the sex will be. The more you're willing to take risks together, to try new things together, to be there for each other, the greater the sex will be.

It isn't about going outside of your comfort zone or asking your partner to try something new though there can be many benefits to those things as well. This is about opening up your relationship to infinite possibilities.

When you are able to open up and reconnect like that, there's no limit to how great everything about your marriage – including the sex can be.

But did you know that there is one thing that really drives your sex life and helps make it better than ever before once your husband has cheated? It's this strange phenomenon where women are always comparing themselves to other women.

You don't have any CLUE how good or bad the sex was between your husband and the other woman. There is some part of you that suspects (or FEARS) that it was pretty good. So, you compete with the other woman on a subconscious level because you believe that if the sex is good enough you won't have to worry about trying to get your ex back or put your marriage back together again.

Wouldn't that make the sex better for HIM? How is that better sex for YOU, right? Well oddly enough, sex is one of those things that you often get as good as you give. The harder you try to make it a fireworks night for him the greater the odds are that he will return the favor for you.

If all things in marriage were as easy to rebuild as your sex life after cheating. But, for all those things that need a little extra TLC after your husband cheats on you there is help to be had. Watch these videos NOW to save your marriage and really add a little spice to your sex life after your husband cheats.

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So does that apply to men to? For examples will it improve the marriage even more if the wife has a revenge affair. For then, the man will also be comparing himself to other men? Or if the wife simply decides to have an affair because her husband is not a good lover. Will that then improve the sex life for both parties? I don't think so. I think affairs do a lot of damage, and they may initially lead to hysterical bonding in which the sex is great, but when that wanes, the 10, 000 pound elephant....the affair.....remains ever present in the room. I think the trauma of the affair eventually causes the wife to leave the husband. It may happen 20 years down the road. But once the vows are broken, the wife may feel justified in leaving the cheater, whereas if he too had honored the vows, she may be more willing to stay and work harder on the marriage. My husband cheated on me. The sex was initially better, but I never trusted him again. The pain of the trauma of his cheating while I sat at home with the kids, or shopped at discount stores to save our money while he spent it on another woman, was a trauma that was difficulty to get past. It left me feeling very unspecial, replaceable, inadequate, and very very unsafe with this man who hurt be so easily and thoughtlessly and did I mention that I felt used. Used for caring about saving our money so he wouldn't have to work so hard, and he was taking those savings and spending it on a whore. His affair partner was a pampered wife who was also cheating on her faithful hardworking husband, while neglecting her only child. I met someone who made me feel safe. I did not have an affair, but this man's kindness and caring of me was enough to enlighten me to the fact that their were better men out there. Men who wouldn't cheat and whom made me feel safe and special. I never dated this man, but divorced my spouse and then started dating. I am now happily married to a man whose wife also cheated on him and he divorced her. We are happy, cherish each other and most importantly honor our vows. We have also promised to go to counseling if problems in the marriage make us unhappy. Something my husband should of done, but chose to cheat instead.

  about 9 years ago
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