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Is It Possible To Survive A Relationship After Infidelity? Yes, Although It Is Not So Easy
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Relationships demand care and attention. If either of the factors is not present in a relation, the strength of relation gets wrecked. It is very important and yet difficult to support a relationship with best practices of desired time, strength and devotion.

Both members of a couple must play an equal role in enhancing the quality of their relationship. Situations get worse when either of the partners cheat or deceive his/her partner. The deceiving side usually falls for someone when he/she finds something lacking in his/her original partner. Such betraying side usually prefers to conceal his/her affair from the partner being betrayed by him/her.

But, the affair of the betraying one, when once exposed before his partner, the complete relationship gets shattered and moves directly into traumatized circumstances. In most of the cases after the disclosure of an affair, the betrayed partner tends to leave his/her partner and the relationship as well. But, if the love of the couple holds more strength than the exposed infidelity of his partner, it becomes quite possible for the couple to survive their relationship as well.

Surviving after infidelity is a difficult and extremely painful situation for both the members of the couple. Such chaos demands excessive attention of the couple to let their relationship survive.

Consequences of infidelity in a relationship:

Severe distrust; severe distrust is experienced by a partner being betrayed by his loved one. He/she tends to wipe off all forms of trust from his/her life after he experiences a deceit from his/her partner.

Disappointment and hatred; huge disappointments and even hatred towards partner are experienced by all the cheated partners.

Commitment of suicides; if the relationship was a severe symbol of love to the partner being betrayed, severe disappointments of the betrayed partner might also lead him/her towards the commitment of suicide.

How should the couple react?

After infidelity has been experienced by a couple, their relation enters into a new phase. Such a change leads the relationship towards its end. But it is very important for the couple to give their relation a new beginning. Although it is extremely difficult for the betrayed partner to forgive his betraying partner at once, but the betrayed partner must be able to develop his will to at least try forgetting what ever made his/her partner to cheat him/her. The couple must spend time together from a new start to develop a new relationship between them. Discussing things is a good way to resolve issues. Couple must try figuring out their likes and dislikes and make friendly discussions to avoid any possible chance of further damage in their relationship.

Is it easy to survive a relationship after it undergoes infidelity?

No it is really not easy for a relationship to survive after infidelity. It takes months or years to develop trust between the couple from a new beginning. But finally if both the partners get honest and truthful to their relationship and the bond between them, it would be far easier for the couple to live their marital life with pleasure together again.

It is not impossible to bring a relation back to its original position!

Time is a great wound healer. As time passes it becomes far easier for both the partners to give honesty and time to their relationship. The commitment of honesty and dedicated time towards the relationship can surely make a relation to face all sorts of issues and problems. Although infidelity is not a weak issue, but if the partners tend to give true sincerity to their relationship, they would be able to live and enjoy their marital life with perfect ease and joy!

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