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Is Your Cell Phone Spying On You?
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Is Your Cell Phone Spying On You?

So you think you are getting away with a little affair on the side. You think no one is the wiser, but could you have a spy in your pocket, purse or coat right now that is telling your partner everything you are doing?

Cell Phone Spying

The little spy is none other than your cell phone. That's right, your cell phone could be betraying you this very moment and here's how.

There is inexpensive technology available today that will allow someone to look at your messages, contact information, and call logs without them ever touching your phone or you ever being aware of it.

Two Types Of Cell Phone Spying Technology

There are basically two types of cell phone spying technology and they have distinctive capabilities that you need to be aware of. The first is Bluetooth based spying and the second is Internet based spying. Either one of these technologies can quickly reveal your activities to your spouse, partner, or girlfriend or boyfriend. This technology can also be used by your boss or if you are a teenager, your parents.

Bluetooth Cell Phone Spying

So your significant other suspects that you are stepping out and they want to know the truth. One day they are browsing through the Internet and they come across a website selling Bluetooth spy software.

They download a copy onto their phone and activate it. They then wait until you are within Bluetooth range and they dial your number using the software. Bingo, they are connected to your phone. The next time you excuse yourself to take a phone call, they simply press a few buttons on their cell phone and listen in on your calls, browse your call logs, read your text messages, and view the images on your device.

As you can guess, the jig is up pretty quickly due to cell phone spying. The only drawback with Bluetooth spy technology is that it only works when they are within Bluetooth range of your cell phone. Still, it is pretty effective and it can all be had for between $15 and $25.

Internet Cell Phone

Internet cell phone spying is even scarier than the Bluetooth technology. With internet cell phone spying a spouse, partner, or boyfriend or girlfriend can really put you on a leash. This method involves registering with a cell phone spy company and then downloading a spy app on your cell phone that, once activated is completely undetectable.

Once your suspicious partner has done that, your cell phone is no longer your friend. Unlike Bluetooth technology this beast will track you across the globe and here are a few things it will be doing while active on your cell phone.

  • sending all of your call logs including the time calls were made or received how long they lasted, and to what number they were connected and all associated contact information stored in the phone that is associated with the number to a secure website where the spy can view them.
  • sending all images stored, sent, or received using your cell phone.
  • tracking your physical location and transmitting it to your spouse or partner where they can view it on a Google map. (This is only true as long as you have your cell phone with you.)
  • they can program certain numbers into your phone remotely and when you call those numbers their phone will alert them and that you are calling and they can listen to your conversation.
  • they can listen in on all of your calls.
  • they can remotely control your cell phone's microphone and listen to any conversation or activity you engage in that is within sound distance of your call phone. In other words you cell phone has become a bug.

Agency Level Technology

We are talking government agency level technology here and even though it may be illegal to use in certain cases, it is still available and could be on your phone even as you read this. As of this writing there is no way to detect if a spy app of this caliber is on your phone and since you can get this type of cell phone app for less than $100 it isn't out of the range for most upset partners.

Your best bet is to control you cell phone at all times, but even this won't protect you against the Bluetooth technology.

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