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Once Upon A Time Reminders To Make Trusting Again In A Relationship Worth The Effort
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When taking someone back---trusting again in a relationship---that gets pretty hard to do. Once upon a time building trust was a day to day thing. All anyone had to do was keep making you happy and not mess up. Now that they messed up---the pain and the memory of being betrayed is keeping you from being happy again. Can once upon a time memories bring back trust and make you happy again?

Now hopefully you have made it through the 3 phases of coping with the trauma and turmoil of the affair, and worked on getting the affair out in the open so you can heal. The fact that you are hear trying to learn about trusting again in a relationship tells me you feel that relationship is worth saving (If you haven’t went through the 3 phases then maybe you aren’t ready to start trusting again).

Everyone deserves a second chance but after finding out about your partner was cheating on you, trusting again in a relationship is difficult to do. So if there is going to be trust again, he or she is going to really have to go through a lot. And it doesn’t matter how sorry he or she confesses to be, proving it is what you need after getting this far. Question is can you feel safe enough to trust again?.

Memories That Make Trusting Again in a Relationship Easier

Once upon a time when you were growing close, you and your partner made some fond memories together. They usually involved doing things that were different, spontaneous and provided a an element of surprise to the moment. These memories were part of the magic that once held your relationship together and still can. Just keep reminding yourself of a happier time when it starts getting hard to trust again in a relationship.

Other memories of once upon a time are not of a happier time. These were times of great need and great dependency. The times that taught you how much you could depend on this person before he or she cheated on you. Keep reminding yourself that person still exists and hope that he or she won't let you down again.

In addition there were memories of your partner being the only one to warn you when something was going to harm you. This made him or her your hero at one time and remembering that can help keep you open to trusting again in a relationship.

Why Trusting Again in a Relationship Deserves a Second Chance

You should keep in mind why the cheating happened if trusting again in a relationship is going to happen.. The fact that you both had a responsibility before the affair to encouraging fidelity, happiness and communication is important. Now that you sorted out what your relationship was missing through coping, healing and moving on, it is only fair to give the relationship a second chance.


Once upon a time you both had to work through an affair together. You went through a lot and discovered this relationship was worth a second chance. Reminding yourself of the good times that were memerable and bad times you worked together that enriched your relationship can go a long way towards trusting again in a relationship.

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