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Should I Cheat On My Husband?
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Should I Cheat On My Husband?

That is a question that is not only becoming more and more common place in relationships but is becoming a common option when things are not going right in a relationship.

My question before I answer that is, why? Do you want to cheat on him because things are not going well? Maybe you are arguing all the time, not getting the attention you feel you deserve, not being sexually satisfied or maybe just bored?

No matter why the reason you feel you should be asking this question, you would be wrong. You see, cheating, no matter if it is emotional or physical, is always the wrong thing to do. It does not matter how bad your relationship, how bad of a person yoour husband is or how bored or depressed you are in your relationship, it is and always will be wrong.

You see, cheating always hurts someone in the end and it never clarifies or betters a relationship. I have yet to see or hear of a relationship that got better from cheating. As a matter of fact some relationships where cheating has been introduced had led to murder.

I must say that anytime a man or woman thinks about cheating, it means that they are totally looking at the issues in their realtionship from the wrong angle. What every man or woman should realize is that there are never any reasons for you to be even considering cheating. What you think as a reason is not a reason but a justification that satisfies your intent or shortcut to a solution to your problem.

Cheating is wrong no matter how you look at it., but what you really looking for when you ask, should I cheat on my husband, is justification for the intended action. This justification makes you feel as if you are right in cheating on your husband. The truth of the matter is that no one needs a reason to cheat on their spouse.

Cheating is a choice, pure and simple. Feeling that you have a justified reason for initiating an affair makes it way easier to do. Not many people says

"I cheated on Jim because I chose to and needed no justification."

So if you feel for even a second that you are fully justified in thinking

"should I cheat on my husband?"

Think again. Be woman enough to realize that cheating, though it does sometimes provide some sort of satisfaction, ultimately lead to disaster , sometimes of the worst kind. The kind that leaves you with another question,

"Why did I cheat on my husband?"

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