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Some Early Signs You Need To Spot Emotional Adultery
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Some Early Signs You Need To Spot Emotional Adultery

An early sign of a marriage having problems is emotional adultery, and if not nipped in the butt, could seriously get to the point of breaking the marriage apart and lead to a divorce.

It is imperative that you be able to spot early warning signs before it becomes a full blown physical affair, which is way more serious, and will cause the betrayed partner a lot of unnecessary pain,

Emotional adultery will show up and present itself as strange behaviors and odd treatment of the unknowing spouse. You'll notice these things happening if you're paying attention.

Behavior such as text messages and phone calls being hidden, refusal to having sex and/or showing intimacy and a noticeable change in sexual behavior, and a serious decline in attention to the needs of the spouse.

Guilt is another of the signs of emotional adultery and will show up as having defensive behavior when having to deal with relationship issues or conversations about marriages, and of course, about the “other” party, if your spouse knows them.

You have to be keeping your eyes open to spot these behavioral signs, as well as, any new and weird behavior patterns that your spouse is engaging in. Any thing that is out of character for them should be suspect.

You and your spouse need to be dealing with this issue as early as possible, its imperative, if you want to avoid the issue of things getting much worse and the emotional adultery developing into physical adultery, because once it becomes physical, the pain can be devastating and quite unbearable, to say the least.

As a first step in trying to manage this problem, you and your spouse are going to have to discover what is causing these emotional feelings toward someone outside your marriage. If you want to keep your marriage together, this process is crucial for infidelity recovery, don't just skim over it, do it.

Now, whether you want to or not, you're going to have look at several aspects within your marriage that is getting the other spouse to act and have the feelings they're experiencing and to go outside the marriage to have their needs met.

It could be just one thing or several things, a few of which are, unmet sexual desire(s), no expression of love and true feeling for one another, quarrels and spousal spats, no intimacy with each other, no trust, nagging, to demanding and on and on.

The real issues that are causing the emotional adultery need to be rooted out and dealt with in order to effectively get the problem resolved and get the marriage back to normal.

Marriage problems are encountered in all marriages, you need to be observant of the warning signs of emotional adultery to effectively deal with the issue if it ever comes up in your marriage. Don't turn a blind eye if your experiencing issues in your with them!

If you don't feel you can handle the issues by yourself, no problem. Seek out qualified help from a marriage counselor and/or relationship experts who can help you through the rough spots and help you preserve your marriage.

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