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Why Do Married Men Cheat Their Wives ?
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Why Do Married Men Cheat their Wives ?

There are thousands of lines written about the subject, but there is still not an exact answer to the question: Why do married men cheat their wives? For many women, this is a mystery that they would like to get an answer. Surprinsingly, it seems to be a mystery for many men, because they also can't explain their actions in many cases.

Although there is not a definite answer, we can go through some of the reasons that may explain their behaviour.

Boost their Ego

A man who was been married for some time, wants to test himself. Is he still attractive to younger and pretty women? If he finds a women who finds him attractive that will boost his ego, and he will very tempted to have an affair with her.

Circumstances Allowed It

This may seem to be a very silly reason. Do they cheat because circumstances allowed it ? Well, affair statistics show that there is a high percentage of men cheating their wifes with women they meet at work. Spending so much time together at the office, or depending on the type of work, working at nights or specially during business trips , give the opportunity for infidelities.

Emotional Reasons

When most people think about infidelity, they associate it with sexual dissatisfaction. However, most of the time, emotional reasons are a more important factor. Everybody needs to be appreciated by others. If a man feels he is not being appreciated by his wife, if she is always complaining about everything, he could try to find someone that makes him feel good. This could lead to and affair.

Wife Allows It

This happens since we are kids. If parents don't put limits and allow everything, kids will try to transgrede the rules. The same happens when we are adults. If the wives forgive their husbands every time they are caught in an affair he will feel his actions have no consequences and will not hesitate when a new affair opportunity arises.

No Longer Attracted

If after getting married, or after having kids , women stop paying attention to themselves, gaining weight, stop taking care to how they dress, the man may start to loose his attraction in her. This is not the most common reason to explain why men cheat, but at times is what it happens.

Bad Sex

Last but not least, a man may start to look outside his marriage, more than what his wife can offer. If sex becomes something boring,a routine, he can try to find in an affair the thing he does not obtain at home.

As we can see, the reasons why married men cheat on their wives are varied. There is not a single one to explain that behaviour, and of course, each couple is a different world.

Street Talk

Thanks Valerie, these are all good points, but I believe that you have touched on a major motivation in your comments on "Emotional Reasons." I would be willing to bet that there is at least a bit of that in just about every case and a whopping amount in the majority. And as Mike so helpfully pointed out, it no doubt cuts both ways. Good food for thought.

  about 9 years ago

Umm I suspect all these reasons could equally apply to women who cheat on their husbands.

  about 9 years ago

thank you McK for your kind words!

  about 9 years ago

Thank you for not laying total blame on the man! I have never cheated but have had male friends that do. I think the blame lies with both parties! It is rare to find a single thing or person to blame. Great article. Thanks for sharing, Valerie!

  about 9 years ago
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