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Why Do Men Cheat?
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Why Do Men Cheat?

This is a quesion that is as old as time itself. It is asked by women all over the world whether in a relationship or not, whether they are ready for a relationship or not. I have looked at many of the answers and some have been laughable while others have been serious and thought provoking. Being a man and having cheated in relationships, I have had to take a hard look at the answer to that question for both myself and for men in general. The closest I have gotten to that answer is this:

We Choose To Cheat.

Ok, ok, ok ... I know you are reading this and most probably saying what!!!......... out loud. lLease allow me to explain myself. Here is where I am coming from.

There is no way in hell, that a "man" can ever say these words when it involves another woman

"It just happened"

You see, for me, that just goes against the very definition of being a man! I am sorry, but to me a man is not let by his baser instincts. He makes decision with his larger head, you know, the one with the brain.

So how come the "just happened" happened?

Let me tell you how it happened. Whether consciously or unconsciously, every man chooses or makes the decision to cheat. There are no mistakes or slipups or errors in this, dispite what they tell you. I am a firm believer that at the right time and in the right place anything can happen, but it still cannot happen without you making the choice for it to happen.

So why do men cheat? You see, the choice to cheat is always your own, whether you be woman or man. Saying this, I truly believe that as a man in a relationship, the phrase "it just happened" cannot come up. The fact that it did happen, automatically means to me that you are not a man. Ok, now I know we make mistakes and hurt each others feelings whether by being selfish, inconsiderate or whatever it may be.

What I would like to know is, how, as a man, did you:

  • Get her Blackberry Pin
  • Pick her up from work
  • Take her to Lunch
  • Rent a motel room
  • Paid for it cash (if you had any brain at all)
  • Had sex and changed into "clean" underwear
  • Dropped her off

and still look at your wife and your excuse is "it just happened".

So once again, in answer to the question, why do men cheat?. the answer is, we choose to do so.

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