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Why Does A Woman Accept A Cheating Husband?
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Many times when a man has cheated on his wife and she decides to stay in the marriage, the question arises as to "why does a woman accept a cheating husband?"

Of course, the woman is not accepting or condoning the cheating, but she still loves her husband and find value in their marriage.

It always amazes me how quick we are to pass judgement on each other, especially as there is not one single human being who is perfect and without mistakes.

Not one!

A woman accepts and learns to forgive her cheating husband his moral lapse in judgement for two reasons.

  1. The cheating is a one time occurrance
  2. She still loves him, value their relationship and will make the effort to forgive him and save their marriage

The betrayal of an affiar is extremely painful and in some cases might even end the marriage if the bonds are not strong enough.

Accepting a cheating husband is not the same as accepting a husband who has cheated.

If a husband has become a serial cheater, then it might be that he no longer has any regard for you or your marriage and in that scenario you may a have a marriage in name only.

This is not the situation that can easily be fixed and you will probably need the intervention of trained marriage coaching professionals.

However, if your husband is mortified at his betrayal and is just as willing as you are to save your marriage then you have a foundation on which to start re-building your relationship.

A marriage can be compared to a bank account, only instead of cash deposits: each spouse makes positive emotional deposits.

A woman accepts a cheating husband because up until this point in their marriage, he has been a good and faithful spouse and friend.

We forgive our friends and family. Don't we?

So that when something as devastating as an adulterous affair takes a hugh withdrawal from the account it is not totally depleted.

Admittedly, cheating is one of the most hurtful and traumatic event that a marriage will face and the way in which the offending spouse behaves will have a lot of bearing on the outcome.

If the cheated on wife feels that her husband is contrite enough and grasps the magnitude of her emotional pain then she will likely find it possible to forgive and accept her cheating husband while at the same time being disappointed in his unacceptable behaviour.

A wife who accepts her cheating husband is not weak, spineless or without self-esteem; if she has placed her marriage in the balance and found that the years of good outweighs the bad.

A marriage is a relationship created by two imperfect people hoping to live in perfect harmony, however, sometimes we mess up badly and need and want forgiveness.

This is an especially difficult task in the case of a cheating husband, but it is done quite often and women do accept not a cheating husband, but rather a husband who has cheated.

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