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Would You Have An Affair?
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Many people have an instant answer to the question 'Would you have an affair?', but do you really think that your answer is totally honest?

You cannot answer a question like that 100% honestly until you are presented with an opportunity or a situation and you have to make the decission there and then. Until you are in that place you don't know how you will feel or what you will do.

There are a large number of things that will affect your decission making in any given circumstance. for example, let's say you have been in a relationship for 15 years, had the kids, got the mortgage, basically, been there, got the T-shirt. Then out of the blue you find out something about your other half which is shocking to you, you don't know what to think, were to go, who to speak to... so you end up in a restaurant, speaking to a stranger (who you find strangely attractive) and BAM..!! after what your other half has done or maybe not done, you stop caring about their feelings and an affair begins.

Something else that could affect your decission making could be pressure. you are the main breadwinner, you have to make sure all the household bills and expences are paid, you have to buy the latest gadgets for your 5 children, pay for your other half to maintain their expensive lifestyle and you are struggling to cope. At this point in time you still have your pride in tact so it is not an option to come clean about your financial situation, but your pride will not pay the bills. You receive a proposition from your boss which will mean that you will be able to cope with all of your family demands and more... BAM..!! an affair begins, not because you want it to but out of love for your family!

What if your other half is distant and unemotional towards you, you can even say she is neglecting you. You have tried to speak to her on several occasions but to no avail, you have tried to drop huge hints on several occasions and still no improvement and this goes on for months. All you want and need is love and affection to show that you are still in that loving relationship that you entered into all that time ago because the way it is now is very different and not what you signed up for in the beginning. You are feeling lonely, still very much in love with your partner but loneliness and neglect can seem to last a lifetime. You are at a party with some friends and you receive an innocent hug from a close friend. You had forgotten what it was like to have that skin to skin contact, to be stroked or caressed and BAMMMM..!!!, an affair begins because human nature tells you to be social and connected.

Next time your partner asks you, 'Honey, would you ever cheat on me?' of course, say no because anyone with a heart should have the best intentions of staying faithful to the one they love but think about it, could any particulat circumstance drive you to be unfaithful?

An affair can be considerred sexy and even thrilling but it will come with high consequences which will not just affect you but everyone around you. So my fellow readers if you want to have an affair, dump your other half and do it freely, at least your conscience is clear and you are cheating no one.

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