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5 Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools To Give You The Edge
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It really should come as no surprise to you that the affiliate marketing world of today is a very competitive place - the days of being able to just throw a website together, stick some adverts on it and the money will come pouring in are over. Todays would requires a very different approach and to be successful and I am going to give you an overview of 5 essential affiliate marketing tools to give you the edge.

Keyword Research Tool - There are a wealth of keyword research tools out there on the market - if you are looking for a free tool then you cannot go far wrong with the Google Keyword Tool, but as your needs expand this may not be enough. The best keyword research tools out there offer more than just a view of global searches per month and will show you how effective specific keywords are in terms of writing articles and even how effective targeting specific keywords would be for your PPC campaigns.

Article Writing Tool - There is no doubt about it, writing and publishing articles should be a key part of your promotional strategy and a good article writer should therefore be one of your essential affiliate marketing tools. The best ones will enable you to monitor the keyword density of specific terms as you are writing, monitor the number of words you have written, enable you to see matching results in the search engines, spin the article and even publish to specific article directories.

Link Cloaking Tools - Unfortunately people are sometimes reluctant to click on affiliate links and as a result having an affiliate marketing tool which will enable you to cloak your links and make them appear more natural is a great way forward. The best cloaking tools will also enable you to effectively track specific links and monitor their performance - so you can see which campaigns or pieces of promotional material are performing best.

Web Analytics - This is one of your most essential affiliate marketing tools and whilst many people use the likes of Google Analytics they don't make full use of all the available features on there. For example monitoring the search engine keyword stats can give you an ongoing source of new content both for your site and your articles as you monitor the keywords people are using to access your website. In addition you can make use of the extensive funnel and goal analytics that are available to help refine your PPC campaigns.

Website Building Software - Not everyone wants to learn to code HTML and indeed not every site needs to be built using software such as Wordpress. So website building software is the final one of the affiliate marketing tools that I believe are essential in your business. By using software such as this you can very quickly build new websites or indeed update and amend existing websites and publish them without too much hassle and worry.

This is not a definitive list of affiliate marketing tools but merely 5 that I feel are essential to driving your success and by using and taking advantage of these you can give yourself a definitive edge over many other affiliate marketers.

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