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Affiliate Marketing; The Right Number Of Programs (1)
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In previous discussions, we have covered various aspects of affiliate marketing including the importance of joining the right programs and how joining the wrong programs could place one at an enormous disadvantage.

In this discussion, we are going to throw some light on yet another important factor that determines the success or failure of an affiliate and that is; the number of affiliate programs to join at a time. It is necessary we discuss this as many affiliates find themselves confused in this regard.

The fact is; both extremes of that factor are not so great for your financial health. By this, I mean; joining a few affiliate programs is not ideal and neither is joining too many affiliate programs at once. If this is the case, what then is the right number of affiliate programs to join at a time.

To provide a suitable response to that question, let us isolate and consider each scenario mentioned above. That is; what happens when one joins too few affiliate programs and what happens when one joins too many affiliate programs.

Joining too few affiliate programs may not be great due to the following reasons, among others;

1 To be successful, one MUST have multiple sources of income. One or two income streams is hardly enough for financial advancement and security. This is because, it is too easy for something bad to happen to those few income streams that one may be relying upon; and when something bad eventually happens, one may be in serious financial trouble. I gave an example of a company who paid me $8,400 in residual income per year and suddenly went out of business. I lost that amount in annual income in the blink of an eye. I would have being in a mess if not that I had other programs paying me too. The bottom line is; in affiliate marketing, joining too few affiliate programs is a pathway to financial disaster.

2 Too few affiliate programs cause limitations and hence, hinder sales; This is as regards traffic and visitors to your affiliate sites and offers. When you are promoting too few products or services, you are not really giving visitors much of a choice. It;s just like you are telling them; "it's this one or nothing else" which is not so great. Chances are more that the one or two products you are promoting do not really solve any problems they may be facing at the moment and so, you lose out on potential income. But with the right number of affiliate programs, you give visitors more options and chances are they may see one or two which they like and will probably join.

3 Joining too few affiliate programs also affects your learning curve negatively. In the sense that, the exposure and experience needed to help you analyze the strong points and drawbacks of different programs will be lacking and that makes you ignorant of several opportunities and possibilities which is not good for your financial health. It is important that the right number of affiliate programs is joined so as to enable you compare and contrast various programs and know which are profitable and or which are not.

In our next discussion, we will look at the disadvantages of joining too many affiliate programs at once.

Until next time.

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