Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners
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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

Hey so your looking for the best Affiliate Programs for beginners! Before I start to answer this question I want to clarify that affiliate programs are just commission programs you get for selling a certain product so it wouldn't really matter if your a beginner or not.

Now I assume a lot of you are looking for programs that will train you on being a good affiliate marketer so you can take advantage of those affiliate programs! Now this is relevant to beginners because training needs to be geared to level of expertise.

So I will answer both of these questions in this article. I will also give you steps to follow that will set you on the right path to success. I'm hoping to help you beginners out as much as possible here!

What Are Good Affiliate Programs?

This is actually a good question because a lot of affiliate marketers get off on the wrong foot here. When you join an affiliate program, the biggest thing you want to be building is a residual income.

This way your not chasing products that will be outdated in a month. If you start down this path, you may never finish ahead. You want to sell products that are memberships!

What Memberships?

You don't want to sell just any memberships, You want to sell the membership programs that have great reputations and have been around a long time. This insures that every sale you get will give you reoccurring income.

I will mention that I am not against selling individual products but I look at them as supplemental income because the traffic source could dry up at any moment!

Memberships that I would suggest are

  1. Anti-virus programs: AVG, MacAfee, Norton
  2. wealthy affiliate
  3. jaxxy

Now the programs above are from different industries but they have something in common. They are constantly updating and improving their existing systems. This means they will be around a long time.

Now What?

Now that you know the proper direction we can talk about actually getting up and running as an Affiliate Marketer. If you go online there are a lot of training programs!

What are good programs? This is something I had to learn the hard way but you do not! First your looking for good solid training that is up to date with the methods that work TODAY!

This should be a tip off here! Anything that is a one time buy is no good because it will be irrelevant within a year. I also want to say avoid products that contain SECRETS. These are often people who like to game the system and it ends up either being outdated or just more work for you.

What You Should Look For In A Good Program

So what I have found is that programs that focus on building an ORGANIC business online are often the best ones. The good ones will offer free trials and have extremely good training (that is up to date).

The concepts in the above paragraph are what is going to make you money online and essentially allow you to have endless amounts of success in the industry!

What Are The Best Programs?

Well I'm obviously biased because I have experienced success with the programs that I am currently using but I guess that's a good thing for you because it means they are actually good!

I currently use Wealthy Affiliate for training. They were actually the third program I have been involved with so it isn't exactly my first Rodeo here! I started this business at 16 years old and now I'm 21.

So I hope you understand why I am biased to Wealthy Affiliate because I have been in programs that don't work! So this is not a Wealthy Affiliate Review so I will move on to the steps you need to take from here!

Your Steps To Success

1.) Pick a few affiliate training programs (memberships)

2.) Read Reviews on those programs and make an educated decision.

3.) Pick a program and commit to building an organic business.

4.) Do this for 6 months! You need to do this because that's when most people achieve a full time income if they commit to the program. (This is for Wealthy Affiliate)

5.) Sell membership websites and the sky is the limit!

Ask For Help!

If You have any questions about anything related to affiliate marketing please contact me because I can most likely help you. I really hope this article was informative and I wish you all luck in your online endeavors!

The Best Programs

P.S leave a comment!



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