Big Online Scams - The Empower Network Scam
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Big Online Scams  -  The Empower Network Scam

I know there are about 10,000 reviews on the Empower Network already but I wanted to make one for myself, because for some of them it is hard to tell whether or not those reviews are fake and promotional or honest and unbiased. I know that most reviews I have read on the Empower Network are fake, so here is my unbiased review.

The Empower Network Scam

Let me just start this off by telling you that the Empower Network is a total scam and will be a complete waste of your money. I guarantee you.

The Empower Network was founded by two guy, Dave Sharp and David Wood, who claim they have created the most powerful money making tool on the internet. If you watch one of their sales videos, they will give you the typical rags to riches story about how they were living in a van until they created the Empower Network. They will flash some big houses and beach drawn background and tell you that you could "be walking the beaches of the world" with them if you sign up with Empower.

If there is one thing you need to understand about Empower is that there is NO PRODUCT. You pay their fees just so you can promote Empower to other people. Essentially, you are paying to promote someone else's product.

Just to earn commissions you have to pay a $25 a month fee for a blogging service they give you and a $19.95 a month fee to promote you link. But good luck finding any leads, all links directed to Empower Network have been marked as spam by search engines and all social media sites. Facebook won't even let you post the words Empower and Network next to each other any more.

Also, Youtube has taken down many videos connected with Empower Network promotion, which was no bother to the founders though, because they decided to charge $25 a month for video hosting. But more on that later.

The Claim

Dave Sharp and David Wood claim that the Empower Network is for anybody that wants to make a lot of money and live the good life with little work and little effort. That should immediately raise a bunch of red flags as that is the typical catch phrase for online scams.

The system works on building a downline where you unethically promote the Empower Network to others telling them they too can live THE DREAM even though you haven't seen any results yourself. I believe this is morally irresponsible and practices poor business behavior on part of Empower Network.

The founders are sneaky, slimy, and cannot be trusted.


The system is based on a downline, where you try to get as many people to sign up for Empower as you can, making the owners more money. The system works like a traditional ponzi scheme, your commissions will almost always get paid out to someone further up than you at the top. But again, good luck on getting traffic.

The Pyramid Scam

AHHHH yes, the good ole' pyramid. That's really all a company can be if their sole product is to have their costumers promote their website.


The only training offered in Empower Network is an 8 step video series where they go over the basics of what the owners want you to do to promote Empower. They give very little info and will often times tell you that if you don't dedicate yourself to the promotion of Empower, you being "all in" or "hardcore" as they like to call it.

If you want any further training, you are going to have to fork over some BIG money.

The 15K formula, which they claim is their bread and butter for promotion Empower is going to run you $1,000. That's right, 1k. This product is mainly filled with basic ideas on how to promote your Empower link on social media sites and youtube..... but wait, all Empower Network links are banned from those sites.

The next product is called the Costa Rica Intensive. Did I mention that one of the owners is based out of Costa Rica? This is another useless training module that gives you marketing techniques that just don't work.

Reaching anybody at Empower is impossible. You will NEVER be able to get in contact with the owners and if you try to e-mail your "sponsor", witch is the person who's affiliate link you signed up under, they will often times resort to more unethical sales tactics by calling you "wossy" and asking you "why you don't want to be successful" when you don't buy all the products.

Cost of Empower Network

Initial Costs and Blog: $25/month - The initial cost that Empower puts on you is a $25 a month fee to use their blogging platform and set up your own blog. They tell you to just blog about anything you want and they put this banner on the side of your blog adverting you affiliate link. They tell you to just get people to view your blog and no matter what is about and they will click on the banner.

Affiliate Program and E-Wallet: $19.95/month -Empower does not use a traditional payment system like PayPal. As many other reviewers have said, this is probably because traditional companies like Paypal have determined that Empower is a scam and will not allow them to do business.

15K Formula: $1,000 one time payment -Like I mentioned before, this is what they claim to be their bread and butter. They say this product is the main secret to how to market Empower to other people but like I also mentioned, you can't apply any of these marketing tips because every site lists all Empower links as spam and will not let you post them. Even most videos about Empower get taken off of Youtube.

Costa Rica Intensive: $500 one time payment -What a shocker. Another training course they want you to buy to learn how to promote Empower to others. Do you finally start to see how their only product is how to the promotion of their site to others? You can't even call that a product in my opinion. This is just another way for them to eat up you $500 with no return.

Inner Circle Membership: $100/month -The Inner Circle membership is essentially a list of audio tapes and speeches given by internet entrepreneurs. They claim this "mind training" and will train your mind to be in a positive place. This may be all good and well but I'm 100% you can find many of these same speeches or similar ones online for free. $100 a month for this?? That's just immoral to be. Another popular tactic they will use to sell you these products is resell rights. You can resell these products to make full commission on them but again, good luck finding traffic. If you sign up for just the blogging and the affiliate program, which is $45 a month right there, and you don't but the more expensive products, you will be bashed and shunned by the up-lines above you. People have told me they have even gotten hate mail by their "sponsors" for not purchasing the more expensive products. Some sponsors will offer you support but will still encourage you to buy. I think it is clear that the Empower Network community is an unethical one.

Everything you do on you Empower Network Blog is their property

That is right. When you sign up for your $25/month membership to blog with EN, there is a part in the fine print that states that you don't own anything you publish on your blog. All content is property of EN. This means if you sign up for EN and you decide it is not right for you, you cannot delete your blog. All content you published is their property.

To me, this is just another slimy thing the people at Empower do. The author should have rights to their content and the power to delete it if so desired.

More on their blogging system:

Many sign up for Empower's blogging system because they think that the Empower Network is an authority site and their content will rank quicker if they publish with them. However, the complete opposite is true. As I mentioned earlier, all things relating to the Empower Network are being marked as spam on search engines. You WILL NOT rank with an Empower Network blog.

If article ranking is what you are looking for, I suggest you try trusted articles marketing sites such as Street Articles, E-Zine Articles, Hubpages, etc...

Wealthy Affiliate University

I am thankful that I have been able to find a home where I can run my business with any harassment. If you wan't to make money online, you need a place where the people are honest, you get full support; forums, and access to the owners and somewhere training is free. I was able to find this home at Wealthy Affiliate University and I immediately fell in love with after been disappointed by so many other services. I have been a part of this community for a very long time now.

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