Can A Beginner Succeed Online?
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Can A Beginner Succeed Online?

Absolutely not. Unless they know the secrets. Unfortunately these secrets have been buried for a while now. They were killed, then buried. The internet did it. May they rest in peace.


No one has paid. Worse yet the crimes continue. They are committed by Make Thousands Working 4 Hours A Week and his partner Make Money In 14 Days Free. These aren't the only criminals. They are legion.

No matter. Grab your shovel and we will sneak out right now and dig these secrets up. Bring them back from the dead. Do you know CPR?


You have to dig through a lot of dirt to get to the secrets but finally here they are. And the answer to the question, Can A Beginner Make Money Online is......

No, a beginner cannot. Fortunately you don't have to stay a beginner. You can read, study, do and learn and stop being a beginner. Then YES, now you can begin to make money online. Once you implement the secrets.


1.) You Have To Know How It's Done. (DUH)

2.) You Have To Put In A Whole Bunch Of Time.

3.) You Have To Work And Keep Working.

4.) You Have To Know Where To Get The Know How.

5.) You Have To Keep At It Until You Make Money.

6.) You Have To Ignore The Doubters.

I could go on but I hope you get the point. You have to. YOU! Allow me to break it down for you.


You have to move from the beginner stage and actually learn how this whole online thing works. First thing that you should do is find a trusted source of good training information to learn.

Maybe something like, How To Make Money Online For A Beginner. There are many great websites out there that have courses labelled just like that. Neil Patel is one of them. Many are free.

Jump on in and let the learning begin. Once you progress a little bit you will also learn who the trusted authorities are in this area. Use them. Learn from them.


Don't start cashing those checks yet. You are still a beginner and a beginner cannot make money online. I thought we covered that. Remember #5 from the list above? Let's talk about that.

Staying at it until you make money can take 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months. If you are not making money at 18 months and good money at that get a job.

There is a steep learning curve here and you are going to have to learn quite a bit. Then you will have to learn some more. There isn't any fast easy money to be made online, sorry. Ask yourself.


To even have a chance at this you have to really want it, really enjoy it and refuse to give up. If you have these three things going for you welcome aboard. I ask one favor.

Tell the truth. Try to help somebody looking to do what you have learned to do. If you don't you may make money but you will never be successful.

Street Talk

"3.) You Have To Work And Keep Working" - Here 9 of 10 beginner enterpreneurs fail :)

  about 6 years ago
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