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Can I Work Online - A Warning
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Can I Work Online  -  A Warning

I am continually coming across people who ask me 'can I work online?' and if so how do I go about it. Well, the answer to the first question is yes, of course you can work online but it is nowhere near as easy as you may think. A while back I decided to take on the topic of 'can I work online' and see how many different options I could find. It was very exciting at the start of the journey as there seemed to be hundreds if not thousands of of sites offering to pay me for my services. This excitement, unfortunately, was very short lived.

In life there will always be that type of person who will refuse to work and would rather rip people off to make a living. This is the main topic of this article as most of the people who are asking the question 'can I work online' will encounter ( and fall for ) these types of rip-offs. They are called scams and you will come across more than a few of them.

The main problem here is that the people asking the question can I work online have probably already spotted one of these scam adverts and want to find out more about their unrealistic promises. Now, don't feel stupid if you have - I have an admission to make. The only way I found any sort of working online success was through trial and error - and this trail and error inevitably led me to fall into a few scam traps. Two in all! Just two, but many others are not so lucky.

These two scams were not for a grand amount of money but they still took money from me. You cannot help feeling a little stupid and angry when it happens, even if it is only for a dollar. The main problem these days is that even the free to join websites are eventually turning into scams. For example I was using a Paid to Click site who's name I am not going to mention to earn extra cash about a year back. With Paid to Click sites your are paid as members for visiting advertisers websites for a set amount of time - pretty simple stuff really!

There are also affiliate options on these sites that aid you in referring new members who in turn begin to earn for you on autopilot. Trying not to sound big-headed here - I was doing pretty well! I'd answered my own doubts around can I work online and I thought the sky was the limit - so I upgraded. I don't know whether this was just bad timing or really bad luck but the site ( that was being used by tens of thousands of people at the time ) just dropped of the internet! All my investment and my upgrade fee just disappeared.

Please read this next paragraph and implement it every time you attempt to answer the question 'can I work online?'. If you are interested in an online opportunity then do a simple search involving the word 'Scam'. For example 'site name here scam'. If it is a scam then somebody else has probably fallen for it and will post online about their experiences along with a review or warning. So, can I work online? - of course you can but never, ever invest until you have completed a thorough 'scam search'.

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