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Can You Earn Money Online From Your Home Using Only Free Tools?
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If this is your first attempt to earn money online it is a great idea to start with free tools only. It is possible to earn without any investment period. Eventually you will want to buy more advanced training, tools and services and it is good to have some experience before you spend your hard-earned money.

If you want to start without spending a penny affiliate marketing is the obvious choice. Affiliate programs cost nothing to sign up and once you get your affiliate links it is all up to you.

The costs of lunching reasonably sized campaign are not high but lets stick to the rules and not spend any money at all. The two costs which present biggest challenge to avoid are purchasing a domain name and hosting. You avoid both by using free web space that some companies make available to you. It could be, Blogspot, Squidoo or anything else you can find. That's where you create your landing page. You will send your traffic there so people can click your affiliate links.

We agreed not to spend a penny so you will need to use only free traffic techniques. One of the most effective ways is publishing articles online. The great thing about articles is that now and then someone will want to republish your article. This is great because when that happens you have an extra link to your content. You can then use more of free web space, we mentioned above, and blend it with some of your articles to create link wheels. Link wheels are very powerful tools and they boost you in search results a lot. You can use all kinds of social bookmarking and video marketing, the more back links you have the better.

Ultimately you want to be listed on the first page of results for your desired keyword in main search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo. This is the moment you start receiving free traffic and earning money from internet. Once you make your first dollar online everything will look different. It is way easier to repeat it a thousand times than do it for the first time. Thousand dollars is decent cash but big advantage of using free techniques to generate income online is that once in place they will keep making you money for a long time and require little maintenance. Bottom line is you can earn money online from home spending nothing at all.

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