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Cool Part Time Jobs – Especially Living In An Rv!
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Cool Part Time Jobs – Especially Living In An Rv!

Ya, Franz here! Whether you live in a house, or an RV, these days a part time job is needed to keep ahead. Lots of people are trying to work at home. But what are the cool part time jobs out there? Now since I live and travel in an RV year round, and like the freedom of that, internet jobs can make money anywhere I am. So, I want to take a break from nutrition articles and talk a little bit about something different.

I love my home office on wheels! When it’s cold in the north, I head south. When it’s warm I can head north. All that is great, but it can get expensive with diesel fuel at $4 to $5 dollars a gallon, depending on where you are in these United States. I have always worked for myself, whether its been a brick n’ mortar business or more of a consulting arrangement.

Back in 2006 I was affiliated with a network marketing company, and a good one, that had great healthy products and good member support. I thought that was going to be one of the cool part time jobs. But the products were expensive. That’s the network marketing problem; the money flowing upstream has to come from somewhere. If you’re at the top it’s great!

Any way, I was making okay money, but it took so much effort to keep every one motivated to take some daily action towards building their business. No matter how much I worked, I could not push “elephants up hill” so to speak. They would be out the door as fast as I would bring them in! They would say they wanted to make ten thousand dollars month, but daily activity dictated otherwise.

One RV trip, we traveled over 6,000 miles visiting places around the southern US, holding meetings and offering free food for 10 days. I had that RV loaded with boxes to give away. Some meetings it was like, “but wait, there’s more!” You know the ads on TV, you’ve heard them. That’s what I felt like.

One day after spending so much time and effort to pull off a meeting that went wrong, I could have cried, but all I could do was think of that commercial and laugh. The room was supposed to be filled with eager prospects from my downlines sphere of influence, but the attendance numbers were not what was promised.

When first meeting these people, they would tell me they were looking at some of the cool part time jobs that were out there, but after speaking with me they wanted us to work together. I would tell them what to do, but you know how that goes. I always gave them my all, and helped them build there business, because their success was my success. But, people will always let you down. But, if you work hard, your efforts alone will create an income, and you will be rewarded for those efforts – eventually you will succeed, right?

So I quite all that MLM stuff and started some internet marketing programs. It was just too much effort for the return. Sure I was making money, but if I broke it down the hourly wage was pathetic! So, I bought some online information promising riches galore if I followed there system. But there documentation never contained enough information and ideas to actually get to a point of making money. And by the time I bought it, the e-book was out dated as techniques change daily with the internet. I tried that for a year and never really got it figured out. It never made the money I was looking for! I did not have anyone to coach me either. There was no “how to make money on the internet” university, so to speak.

Well, I am not one to give up! I know people are making fortunes on the internet! Most of the cool part time jobs are offered online. The trick is to find the diamond in the rough, the needle in the haystack, etc. I have used many internet scam search sites to try and find out whether an internet program being offered is really good or not. So many of these scammers even post rave reviews about how their own product will make you millions while you sleep! “Not going to happen!” The only way to make money online is the old fashioned way: you have to earn it by gaining knowledge, applying that knowledge, and pursuing your passion with a lot of persistent effort.

So, the story continues! I am now on the road full time working in my RV. I sit in my comfy euro chair, laptop in place, and enjoy the changing view out the window. And I work online when I want to, marketing things on the internet that people are interested in buying. There are tens of thousands of items that can be bought online, and companies will pay you to help get their products into the hands of buyers who want them, but may not have found them without your intervention.

Sounds good, right? But in order to do this you have to be taught a step by step process. You can’t read about it in books. You need online training, coaching, tutorials, vast amounts of information organized into a logical step-by-step process that leads you through so you can be setup to make money from the products you choose to market. Does this exist? But of course, and yes, "wait, there's more!”

As always, I wish you vibrant health, many blessings, and a long life!

Ya, zis is Franz signing off!

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