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Do Work From Home – Leverage Your Spare Time To Make Money Online!
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It is my firm belief that all of the people that I know that do work from home have one particular thing in common: they absolutely love the freedom that working from home provides. Not that making good money isn’t an important factor in creating that splendid feeling that working from home provides, but in my opinion and I believe that many will agree with me, just having peace at mind and being able to breathe freely without the stress of meeting your boss’ demands and punching a clock has far more value than any monetary reward. If you would like to do work from home, and you have about an hour and a half a day to spend working on building a business online, I would like to share with you the business model that myself and many other successful online marketers’ utilize to generate income from home, and that business model is called affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a revenue generation model where in which companies take their advertising dollars and shell those dollars out to their affiliates, in return for the affiliates marketing and promoting the company. Every time someone makes a purchase from a company based upon your recommendation and through your affiliate link, you will get credited for the sale, and in return you will make a commission each and every time this process is repeated. It’s really a win - win for both parties involved, as the companies are able to save hundreds if not millions of dollars in advertising costs, and the affiliates are able to make extra money while they do work from home, not even breaking a sweat. Another plus to affiliate marketing is that in most cases, the cost to operate your business should run you from $0-10 dollars a month, which is virtually obtainable by everyone.

How do you get started?

All you have to do to get started as an affiliate marketer to do work from home is to gather about four necessary tools:

1. An affiliate program 2. Web Hosting/Wordpress Blog 3. A Domain Name 4. An Article Submission Website account

There are thousands of affiliate programs out there that you can join that will allow you to do work from home, you just need to find one that peaks your interests and join it, and once you do gather your affiliate links and save them to a word document on your desktop. As far as web hosting and a domain name goes, you can get both of those from either GDI, or Go daddy. Lastly, there are many article submission websites out there, but the best in my opinion in street articles. You will want to write articles based upon your affiliate program and submit those articles to the article submission site, with links within your articles that point back to your website which has your affiliate links posted on it. For instance, if your affiliate program is surfing and beach wear apparel and gear, you will want to write articles about surf wear, bikinis, surfboards, goggles, etc. and have those articles link to your website. To do work from home is truly as simple as the process I have just explained. Article -> Website -> Affiliate Link -> Affiliate Sale= payment to you. You can do work from home too, it’s just up to you to get started.

There are many ways to do work from home, but it’s is my firm belief that affiliate marketing provides the best and easiest to follow way for any average person to make money online. You can do work from home, you just have to believe that you have what it takes to achieve! Believe in yourself!

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