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Here's To Being A Rich Dad!
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Here\'s to Being A Rich Dad!


Here is my theory: Amazon, E bay, Google, Facebook, penny auctions, movies, netflix, itunes, retail stores and clothing, everything is online! Our economy is thriving on the Internet! Internet businesses are NOT going under. The only part of our society that is struggling economically are open door businesses, because everyone is doing EVERYTHING online. This is why it has been so easy to make money online, and why the sleazy people out there think they can scam us online (so we must proceed with caution).

90% of America still feels that in order to pay their bills they have to have a job that they arrive at and clock in and out of each day and refuse to think outside the box. Also, a lot of Americans are losing their clock in and out jobs due to the fact that open door businesses are going under. These Americans then resign to live on the government, since its nearly impossible to get a job worth showing up at, and since the government does not pay them enough as consumers to go out and "consume" this in turn bankrupts the government. A never ending cycle, and yet we still refuse to make a change!

I have recently started sharing my logic and new found love of internet entrepreneurship with my friends and family and even though I am making a nice second income with one online company already, peoples responses continue to be:

"When I get out of debt"

"When I have time"

"When I have some extra money"

"When I see that it works for you"

And honestly, the last one, doesn't upset me too much. I am confident, since affiliate marketing is already working for me that it will continue to. And the only reason the other quotes of "logic" get to me is because, if you want to pay of your debt and have more time, then you should look into making money now, right?

Having said all of that, people who do network marketing or work at home and are successful at it, have worked really hard to get there and nothing is going to happen over night. It is a daily practice of finding what works, how to work it, and working hard at it. So, if you have a clock in and clock out of job that you happen to love, well, that is the key to happiness in this life....find something you love to do, do it well, and do it everyday and if that is your paycheck then "CHEERS!"

For those of you who hate what you do and are just doing it because it's your "duty" or because your "poor dad" did it, then,

Let’s start thinking outside the box and find residual, multiple streams of income online, since that is where most of us are spending our money!

Even school teachers (the career I recently chose to veer away from) may be without jobs soon, since our education is online as well.

I have already had more luck online as an affiliate marketer, than with any other network marketing venture. I will soon replace my income from just this one source of generating an income online! Here is to my "rich dad"future! So my search for financial freedom online continues......

I am on a mission to find all the best ways to drive traffic, get noticed, start marketing, build a network, find connections. The most connections we can find are online! Network marketing is how we break the cycle of our "poor dads". Network marketing combined with the power of the internet is a lethal combination for success in today's economy. The logic of having to find work in an open door business with a "poor dad's" mentality are days of the past!

I have spent hours this week in what little spare time I have doing my research online, because I refuse to continue to clock in and out and live paycheck to paycheck like all of the "poor dads" in our society today! I believe that I deserve to be a "rich dad" and I am willing to do the research and put in the leg work to find out the best way to make my dreams of complete financial freedom a reality! If we are willing to take risks and break the cycle, we deserve the rewards of the "rich dad" way of living!

Street Talk

Good for you! What you say is so true. I suspect fear is a big factor for people clocking in and clocking out because you can follow the crowd that way and not stick out. Your suggestions point a way to grow. In confidence! With excitement! I've found that making confidence and excitement happen are important. So you can let go of fear! So you can gain a feeling of relaxed intensity. Exactly as you ended, "If we are willing to take risks and break the cycle, we deserve the rewards...!" thanks - blessings, Cynthia

  about 1 decade ago

When I worked full-time, I was interested in working with the Internet business. However, I had many distractions (money, time, and activities). Now I am serious about working on the Internet business. I also do volunteer work at church. I enjoy my activities, and I am sure I will eventually make some serious money as long as I continue to work on improving my business. Thanks for the encouragement!

  about 1 decade ago
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