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Home Working Takes Desire And Purpose
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Working from Home Needs Motivation

When starting any home based business you must of all take the leap of faith and get started. For me this was to get into Affiliated Marketing. Why, after doing my research I discovered that it is the highest profit making online business available, it also has the lowest set up costs, in fact, I got my website set up for me for free although I did have to host it but this cost isn't that much and within 24hrs my website was up and running and ready to make me money.

If only it was that easy, now I need to promote or advertise the site and get the traffic that i required to start making an income.There are several ways of doing this and I have covered these in my first post Website Set Up and Traffic Generation, and this is what I am doing right now, by giving away what I have done and what I am doing in an informative way, hopefully people like yourself will read this and take something from this Blog and who know's may even want to follow my lead and get started in the Affiliated Market world.

Working from home needs motivation, who after a long day at work wants to come home and write articles, update social network accounts etc, and spend several hours a day doing so, but this is one of the major ways  of promoting your business, but remember it is YOUR business and it will succeed or fail on the effort that you are prepared to put in.

So what is my motivation, simple I want to give up the day job, and I have this mental image in my head of being able to get up out of bed in the morning and, work on my business, and be finished and have the rest of the day to myself at mid-day. I have visual image of what i want and this is the main motivation for myself.


I genuinely want to help other people succeed, that is why at this moment, on my day off my day job I am spending time writing this article not sure if anybody will read this, but if someone does and gets value out of it I have achieved my purpose, and if enough people read this i may get a living out of it, but it take a consistent and methodical approach and lets be honest it isn't the most physical of jobs writing at least one blog a day, is it.

When I started out I have to be honest and say that my main purpose was to make a living, however as I continue my journey I now realize that without giving what has been given to myself that I can't receive any of the benefits that I originally wished for.


I hope that I have gave you the desire to start working from home, you can do a lot worse that follow the Affiliated Marketing Plan and even follow my example if you wish, it will all start with a leap of faith, that will have come from your motivation and visualize where you want to be, then your purpose will drive you forward to achieve your desires.

There is an old Laozi quote that roughly translated state that " a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step" but to achieved your goals you are going to have to keep walking after taking the first step.

It's not difficult it just takes perseverance.

Best Wishes and thoughts Stephen

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