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How To Choose The Right Affiliate Network?
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There are 5 important things to consider when you choosing the right affiliate network. Choosing a network issimilar to choosing an employer except you don't have to just choose one. Here's you checklist:

1. Check the company’s credibility. Typically it is said that companies that have been in business longer are more reputable. This tends to be true most times, but this is not always true. Check what other affiliates are saying about the networks you are considering. Affiliates tend to be very vocal when they have good things to say and bad things to say. If a network doesn’t pay, you will hear it in the forums. You may want to check if the network has a Twitter or Facebook page where they interact with their affiliates. You might also want to call them or email them to see how responsive they are.

2. This is a real IMPORTANT one. Look for affiliate programs sites with free sign up. This can be a trial basis for you without any commitment! Take for example a modeling agency: REAL modeling agencies and scouts don't charge you money to sign up with their agency, they see the potential in having you on board and as a part of the team. So if you do GREAT they do GREAT.

3. Make sure the affiliate programs pay. Most affiliate programs have a “net-30” or “net-45” payout policy. What this means is that if you produce business in September you do not get paid for that production month until November. The reason for this is to give the vendors and networks time to reconcile their invoices. There are thousands of sales made monthly by any given network but not all sales or conversions will result in a payable sale. Products that offer a 30 or 60 day trial basis also make this 60 day reconciliation period necessary. This can be very tedious to prepare payouts while tracking returns but fortunately, you won’t have to worry about that process.

4. Start off by “dating” a few networks. Direct your traffic to different networks and monitor them. Compare and contrast them. See which networks pays more for certain offers, pay on time and have more credibility. The networks that work out the best should be the one that you eventually settle down with just like real dating. We at Affiliate Money Storehappen to have 3 full-time managers and are very responsive by phone or email.

5. Create allies with the network. Make sure you can have a working relationship with them. For examples, see to it that you know your managers name, make sure you can contact them via email and telephone with questions, concerns or even suggestions. See how long it takes for a network to respond to your requests. That’s a good determination of whether they get the fact that when you make money, they make money!

Trust that if you follow these 5 guidelines, you will be on your way to choosing the right network(s) and becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

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