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How To Create Backlinks To Your Website - Where Can We Find Them?
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How To Create Backlinks To Your Website  -  Where Can We Find Them?

Getting your website up and going is quite a task in itself. Now we have to concentrate on getting it ranked and making your mark in the SERPs (search engine results page).

Back-links are one of the most important factors when it comes to getting ranked, you see whenever a new website is submitted to Google or any other search engine for that matter, your website will be exposed to whats called a ranking algorithm. Lot's of different aspects and factors are going to taken into account before you are handed out and type of position in the SERPs.

As smart as some of us internet marketer's are NOBODY knows for sure what goes into the special algorithms used to assess our rankings, one thing we do know for sure though is that since the start of time back-links have been one of the major factors and things to consider.

In the easiest terms possible a back-link is pretty much just a link from one site pointing towards your website, therefore in the search engines eyes your website is being linked to by other people so your content or information must be relevant and enticing, Google will then increase your websites ranking.

How Many Back-Links Is Enough?

Asking this question back in 2006 when affiliate marketing was just a tiny speck of what it is today, any marketer would of told you that you could never have enough back-links and to build, build and build some more.

These days things are quite a little bit different, as the big G (Google) has caught on to a lot of internet marketer's tricks and have therefore updated their algorithm time and time again.

One thing that has stuck though are back-links, things may have changed a little bit concerning the issue but one thing is certain, back links mean value and popularity.


Google demands Relevance!

Now what this means is, gone are the days of simply spamming your back-links from any website and getting a ranking. For example if I am trying to rank a website in the dog training niche, a link from a book website for argument sake is going to provide no value what-soever and potentially be seen as a unnatural link by Google and damage my website.

A link from a niche specific or relevant website to yours is going to ADD value. Pretty simple right?

Where Can We Find Back-Links?

If your going to stamp any kind of authority in the SERPs for your niche market, just back-linking alone is not going to do the job.

A lot of other aspects are involved in your websites ranking that play a important factor as well so it would be worthwhile looking into some affiliate marketing training that is going to get your started.

For now, as we are covering "Back Links" I'm going to give you my 3 personal favorite ways to create strong recognizable links that are going to add value to your site and help improve your ranking.

  • Blog Comments - Commenting on other blogs within your niche is a great and strong back link, make sure to read the article in question and to add something to the discussion in your comment. For example; I really like the article was a great read, I like where you mentioned so and so and then drop your link in at the end for a back-link.
  • .Edu and .Gov blogs - Pretty much the exact same technique as above, although this time we are targeting .edu and .gov domain blogs. Using the exact same process these links are going to possess more power as they are coming from more authoritative websites (.edu or .gov)
  • Forums - Nothing is better than building your presence in relevant forums to your niche. It's as easy as creating a account and contributing the conversation on a active forum leaving a link to your website in your signature. All posts are considered back links and they are all coming from niche specific sources.

That's really how easy it is to get your back-links rolling and dominate the SERPs, remember not to add them all at once and to slowly feed links in day by day.

Shoving too many in at once can also be seen by the big G (Google) as unnatural and potentially harmful to your webpage.

Let me know how you go and be sure to leave me some feedback on how back-linking is working for you!

Street Talk

This is great information! Thank you so much! I will definitely utilize this knowledge while creating my blog!

  about 7 years ago
Norm Bell  

Good information and interesting.

  about 9 years ago

Thanks for the info. I found it very informative. I have been trying to find good backlinks for my sites so the more info I can find the better for me.

  about 9 years ago
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