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How To Earn Online Income
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How To Earn Online Income

If you're reading this you, like so many of us, have probably been searching for a way to supplement your income and want to know how to earn online income.

Before you start your journey you should know that there are a number of ways to make money online. You have already started well by first researching these possibilities. You should familiarise yourself at least a little with the available methods for cash generation using just your computer so you can be sure which method suits you best.

I mean think about it, if you're serious and want to end up with a viable online business, wouldn't rather be doing something which you're good at and enjoy? It is much easier to something you enjoy and those that are successful online achieved their success due to their passion for their work.

To help your decision process I have outlined some of the most common opportunities you can use to earn an income online.

  • Websites / Blogs
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid Surveys
  • Writing Articles

Websites / Blogs

Developing and Monetizing Websites or Blogs is probably the most popular method for making money online. If money is tight you can even start with nothing by creating your own free blog. One of the many platforms for this is Blogger. You will need to learn a certain amount to get this done but nothing to taxing! A website will cost a little more for your hosting and domain name, up to a modest $15, but shop around here, at the time of writing this I found several special offers and discounts, i.e. hosting for $2.99/mo including a free domain. You will need to write or have written quality content which will take time so don't expect an avalanche of cash within weeks! Once your site(s) start to get traffic you then monetize your site. This can include: Google Ads; CPC ad networks; Banner/Text Ads and affiliate marketing ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is nothing less than earning a commission from companies or businesses as a result of your marketing their products or services. Simply put when people you recommend or refer a product or service to make a purchase, you make a commission and these can be quite hefty! There are many place to find affiliate programs and one of the most popular is clickbank as they have a huge selection of products. The signup process is easy and once a member pick which product to promote, retrieve your affiliate link and start promoting the product using that link - someone buys you get paid!

Paid Surveys

Taking surveys online is popular for people starting out with little money, as no particular skills are necessary. There are many companies who require continual feedback on their products or services. They offer surveys of varying length! and this is reflected in the price they pay for completing the survey. You can make money doing this but don't expect to get rich, payments vary from $0.1 to $5.0. I tried this for a while but got very frustrated and bored with it so in favour of my sanity I decided to leave it alone!

Writing Articles

Writing articles as a freelancer can be a great way of earning an online income. To make decent money from this you should have at least some skill at writing. You will usually be writing content for other peoples websites or perhaps writing reviews for their products. You could go on to write and market your own ebooks or start your own blog.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of how to earn online income, after my research these seemed the easiest to start with. For my part I chose to get an education first and am concentrating on affiliate marketing it seems to work best for me! I hope I have helped you in your own decision process!

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