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How To Get From Not Having A Clue To Making Money With Your Website?
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So many people try to make money online that it is surprising so few make it. Thousands of people search for a way to make money online everyday. There is even an entire business providing programs which are supposed to make them rich. Given the scale you'd expect to have a significant number of people who succeeded in their online career, but this is not the case. In fact the success rate is devastating.

Here is an interesting thing. Vast majority of people who are looking for a way to create a website and make money with it never even buy a domain. How can you say you tried to earn money with your own website and you failed if you never even owned a website.

We are not talking about expensive stuff here. Domain is $8, hosting is $20 or something like that. You might hit a promotion and it's going to be cheaper. Most people who try to earn online manage to spend couple hundred dollars before they admit they failed and leave. Lets say they spend $400 on a Top Secret program and quit but still they haven't spent $28 to actually buy a website and try it.

Clearly they must be doing something wrong.

The problem is they hardly ever try to learn something about Internet and how other people make money online. You can buy a decent e-book for $69 usually. This would be way more useful.

So here is how you do it. You do not buy any make me rich programs, just forget they exist. They really make people rich, but not you, the people who sell them. To have a full-scale online income you will need a website. You will need to buy a domain name and hosting. Making money online is like any other business so you will need clients. People who will buy your products or services. First you need to do some research and think what do you want to do? The reason is you want your domain name to be related to the subject of your website. It is easier to get ranked this way.

From there you have to focus on the content of your website. The more relevent content and the more of it you put on your site the better. Loads of relevent content and adding back links is what will eventually make your site rank high in search engines results. In order to reach the point where you continually rank high on the first page of results you have to adopt a certain attitude. It is a bumpy ride and you'll see your site being thrown around a lot, from page 4 back to page 17 (where there is no traffic) then slowly to page 3 and down to 12 again. Just accept it as a part of the process and don't worry too much if you are persistent you will get to page 1. From there on you will be making money with your website.

After you initially start earning money from internet it will all seem a lot easier. You then have to make sure you squeeze every last penny from your site and start building new one.

What I did is I invested my money in education about earning online. It was money well spent.

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