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Internet Marketing And Affiliate Revenue Makes Sense
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Having your own product is great because you get to build your own mailing list. Plus it means you get 100% of the revenue from buyers. Also, you can put your product on clickbank and let others market it to their subscribers for a commission. If they make sales it means revenue to them and business for you.

Billions of dollars have been paid out to affiliate marketers. Actually, some Internet Marketers never bother trying to build or outsource their own products. Everyone can choose whatever works for them and their business. In time we know that change happens and decisions are made to advance or expand markets.

Many software or product owners pay up to 75% of the revenue earned when you send them a new buyer. Why so much money? The more people you can attract to market your product the more your buyer lists increases. Notice that I did not say subscriber list but your BUYER list is your most valuable asset in the future.

Once a buyer, always a buyer, is your key to future revenue. Your challenge is to find new products that will help your buyers grow their own business or expand their knowledge or enjoy their toys more. For example, I'm a HARLEY owner/rider and love to add "stuff" to my motorcycle. Think about GOLF buyers and all the money that's spent annually to "have fun" with a little white ball.

Just these two past-times, Harley riders and Golfers, each has a clothing line of jackets, shirts, pants, hats, helmets for the Harley, clubs for the golfer, new bags, golf carts, special seats, windshields, rain gear, etc. Are you an NFL enthusiast? How about the NBA? Again, almost everyone who has season tickets to the games will proudly wear the jerseys of their favorite player, buy jackets, shirts, hats, blankets and more.

Interested in making money on the Internet as a Marketer? You can do it with a small investment to learn the insider secrets of the business. Truth is... there are NO secrets if you're willing to learn and work hard under the guidance of the professionals at Wealthy Affiliate University, Kyle and Carson. We subscribe to their list of buyers and suggest you consider joining too.

Some of the things you'll learn is about the autoresponder, niche search tools, article marketing to begin. Lots of videos, interactions with other members, too. The cost is nominal for the value you receive from WAU. You may want to visit another Internet site that mainly focuses on the home based business marketer by us. Even learning about franchising is here, too.

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