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Making Money And Travelling
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Making Money And Travelling

Wherever I am in the world I always watch people in their different jobs and think why do so many people submit themselves to that kind of drudgery day in and day out. Talking to bartenders, grocery clerks and hotel receptionists you realise they are very intelligent people but haven’t taken any action to advance themselves in the world. Personally I find making money and travelling around the world a far better way to spend my time than being stuck in the same place and same job for months or years on end.

First of all don’t get me wrong, this lifestyle isn’t entirely glamorous. I don’t sit on beach’s all day long sipping cocktails. I am currently in Krakow, Poland and everyone I have met over the past couple of days has headed out sightseeing, taking tours of the castle or salt mines while I’m in my hotel room working away on my laptop. I do work hard but this is what I love, I could never go back to working for a boss and travelling while making money is far too fun to do anything else.

So how have I put myself in this position of no alarm clock and having all my worldly possessions in one backpack. Well I create niche websites for a living. I am a one man army and do everything from the ground up myself. Luckily there are a lot of amazing tools out there that let me leverage my time and reach a global audience with my products and ideas.

Niche websites? You might be wondering what those are exactly and how I make money of them? Well a niche website is a online business that targets a very specific part of the population. An example of a great niche website would be one focused on ‘Improving Your Golf Swing’. As you see this would be a very targeted website however the size of the golf industry means you would certainly how a massive amount of people interested in the content of your website and therefore you would have a massive amount of potential customers.

The general rule with creating a niche website is that you want to focus on something you either know a lot about or are willing to learn a lot about. The second option is actually great fun because you get to learn something entirely new along the way while creating your business. Another thing to keep in mind is that no niche is too small to earn money from, I’m sure you could have a website about ‘Edible Mountain Berry’s’ and still have money from it.

Niche websites can be extremely profitable, and you don’t need to stop at one. Once you have a system in place you simply set up your website up and repeat. Ok so you might be wondering how these niche websites actually make money. The answer to that is by selling other peoples products. This is called Affiliate Marketing. You advertise products related to your niche on your website and when someone clicks onto the product and purchases it you will be paid a percentage of the sale price. Affiliate marketing certainly isn’t a new concept and can be learned by anyone.

This percentages can range from between 5-10% for products from Amazon up to 75% for digital products. I most tend to sell digital products like ebooks as I have found these are the easiest to sell and most profitable as well.

Lets quickly crunch some numbers for a ‘Improve Your Golf Swing’ website. The product you are going to be promoting is an Ebook called ‘Drive Further and More Accurately in 7 Days” The sale price is $29.99 and you receive 75% commission for everyone sold i.e $22.50 per sale.

Keep in mind these following figures are entirely achievable and with most niches rather conservative. Say you have 2000 visitors to your site a week. From those 2000 people 5% click on your advertisement for the ‘Drive Further and More Accurately in 7 Days” Ebook. Therefore 100 have clicked the advertisement, of these 100 people lets say half will actually buy in and the other half will keep surfing. In one week you have 50 customers for the ebook you are promoting and receive $22.50 for each sale. $22.50 X 50 = $1125.

Not bad for something you can put together in your spare time and replicate in other niches or more Golfing websites. You now have a better idea about how I am making money while travelling. The beauty about it is that theres no hassle of shipping products, paying for rent and staff. You simply find customers and convert them into sales.

Hopefully this article has shed some light on what creating a niche websites entails. The great news is that everyone is capable of learning this process and profit from what I have outlined here.

All the best in your pursuits, I’m off for a walk around Krakow.

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