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Making Money As An Amazon Affiliate
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You can earn quite a nice income online as an affiliate marketer and there are many affiliate programs that you can join and many affiliate products that you can promote.  Amazon is a very popular affiliate program and the reason that it is popular is because it has such a well known status, is a trusted company and has high conversion rates.

The first thing you need to do to promote Amazon products is to sign up to their affiliate program.  Then you can browse through the Amazon website to find products to promote.  Keep in mind that the higher the selling price the more commission you will make.  Every time that a customer visits Amazon through your affiliate links and makes a purchase you will earn a commission.

When you have chosen an Amazon product to promote you can then create a blog or website for promoting the product.  There are some free blogging services that you can use like Wordpress, Blogger or Weebly or you can use a paid domain and hosting.  I would highly recommend that you use the paid option if you want to be taken seriously in your business.

There are many tutorials available teaching you how to set up a blog using Wordpress and it really is quite easy.  When you have a blog set up it is simply a matter of updating it with new content regularly.

Amazon sells product worldwide and is a trusted store worldwide which is why it is so successful in its affiliate program.  Because they are a trusted company people feel safe buying products through their online store so the conversion rate is quite high.

You don't have to choose one product to promote and that is all, you can choose a number of products that relate to the same niche.  You can then add content to your blog for each of the products that you are promoting.

There are a number of Amazon widgets that you can use on your blog so that your customers can view images of the products that you are promoting. 

When you have your blog set up you will then need to promote it to drive traffic to it.  You can build backlinks to your blog by linking to your blog from other websites.  You can do this by using article marketing, forum marketing, social networking sites and other backlinking methods.

When you are successfully making money with your Amazon website you can then go ahead and choose another range or products to promote and repeat the process.  You can start off slowly with one blog and remain focused on that one blog until it becomes successful and then slowly build up your business until you have multiple blogs all earning you affiliate commissions.

Once you have your website or blog set up and earning an income it may continue to make money for a long time.

This article gives you a brief outline of how you can earn money as an Amazon Affiliate.  There are some courses online that explain in good details all the steps involved to be a successful Amazon affiliate.  It can really make a big difference to your online income if you follow a course that outlines all the right steps to build your affiliate business. 

A good Amazon affiliate guide can make the difference between earning a few cents and earning hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

More affiliate marketing tips and reviews at the blog

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