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New Career At 40 – Here Is An Interesting Choice!
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New Career at 40 – Here Is An Interesting Choice!

People change careers between 3-7 times on average. If you are looking for a new career at 40, I'm going to speak about a career that I think is an excellent choice! Have you ever heard about affiliate marketing? If not, then please for god's sake read on!

Affiliate marketing is essentially selling other people's products. I think affiliate marketing is an excellent career choice because it's fairly easy to learn. Now don't misunderstand me here – affiliate marketing is NOT easy to succeed at – BUT... The knowledge you need to have is fairly easy to gain, compared with most other career choices. The easy part is that you WILL succeed if you take continous ACTION. This is a very simple concept, but MAN is it true!

"Why should you consider affiliate marketing as a new career choice?"

  • There is very good money in it if you succeed
  • The necessary knowledge you need is quite easily gained
  • You are FREE! No boss. Work when, where and as much as you want to
  • Most people that really puts in the work achieve success within their first year of learning. Consider the alternative of spending 5 years studying something "normal" and get less income!
  • Work with the things you love. Do marketing in the area of your interest

As a new career at 40, affiliate marketing has the potential to be a very lucrative business. You don't have a fixed income; your income is more or less decided by how much traffic – online visitors – you can drive to your affiliate's websites. Once you get good at driving traffic, you can build your income to massive heights. Let us say you do some work, and this particular work earns you $1 each day on average – it will probably earn you $1 each day for several years! Imagine if you got lucky with some great work, and it's giving you $20 a day. In one year, this one piece of work would earn you $7,300! Even a single 400 word article has the potential to earn you thousands of dollars if you know how. Do you see how affiliate marketing can be extremely lucrative? That's why hard working affiliate marketers earn six digit numbers month after month!

Why people don't succeed

There are a few very common reasons why people do not make it as affiliate marketers:

  • They are not prepared to put in the work
  • They lack consistency
  • They spend too much time learning new material, and too little time taking action
  • They quit out of frustration because they don't see results

These are the things that probably happens to everyone who does not succeed at affiliate marketing, and they are the reasons why only a small percent of those who start out with affiliate marketing achieve success.

Required skills

There are none. In this career path you do NOT need any technical knowledge on anything pc related – like creating websites. If you managed to find this article you have technical skills in plenty! Although you don't need to know anything beforehand, you will come very far with a good work morale. If you are able to work and take action on a consistent basis, you are almost guaranteed to succeed! A fondness for writing will come in handy as well. You don't need to be good at it, but if you like writing it's a big plus. That said, you CAN do affiliate marketing without writing even a single article.

"It sounds good, but I'm not sure I believe it..."

Well, affiliate marketing is a real business. It's all about advertising and getting the word out there – which is nothing revolutionary. Offline, there are millions of advertising firms – fighting for clients . Advertising has probably been around since the beginning of time. Online, you don't have to fight for clients to pay your bill. You can become an affiliate of almost every company with an affiliate program – which basically everyone selling something have.

Affiliate marketing online is a fairly new business – it's almost as old as the Internet, but it become popular only after year 2000. The Internet is growing exponentially, and more and more people are coming online. You have the benefit of not having any geographical restrictions. You have an ENORMOUS crowd of potential customers you can reach out to. This is why as a new career at 40 I think you should jump on the bandwagon now, or at least give it a try. Is there an affiliate marketer in you?

Street Talk

Good information for people looking to change careers. I find a lot of times people are afraid to try something they do not know. I find if I try something I am unfamiliar with it provides a lot of learning experiences.

  about 1 decade ago

Great article, I am starting in this business myself and the freedom alone is so refreshing. I wake up every morning with a new idea and there is no one there to crush them like a regular job. Thanks Kyle and Carson! Their my helpers!

  about 1 decade ago

Nice Article Alex , Thanks for the info Gary

  about 1 decade ago
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