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Niche Selection: Quality Vs Quantity Of Web Traffic - Having The Money Chase You
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Niche Selection: Quality Vs Quantity Of Web Traffic  -  Having The Money Chase You

From newbies to advanced internet marketers, we all face the dilemma of how to pick lucrative niches for our next online autopilot business. Whether we aim to promote affiliate products or we have decided to develop a new product, most of us get hung up on what niche we'd like to penetrate at least a few times before we strike gold. We have to balance targeting volumes of traffic versus marketing to a smaller group with higher buying intent. Ideally we'd like to have the largest volume of traffic that is extremely likely to convert into customers, but many of those markets seem saturated with more experienced marketers that have deeper pockets.

A lot of us are completely deterred from continuing our internet marketing career before it has even begun strictly based on the perception that it has become impossible to find lucrative keywords with surmountable competition. We've all heard that about 95%-99% of internet marketers never really make any money online, and niche selection has a huge impact on these statistics because most newbies aim too high too soon. Thousands of virgin micro-niches are neglected because of the misplaced perception that it requires hundreds of daily visitors (or more) to our marketing campaigns in order to be profitable at a reasonable and efficient level.

The most successful internet marketers understand, perhaps better than any of us, that it is not the quantity of traffic as much as it is the quality of it. In the world of internet marketing, we are brainwashed with advertisements for products and services that promise (yet hardly deliver) super high volumes of traffic to the point where newbies, and even more experienced marketers and SEO experts, believe we cannot succeed without it. Most of us bounce around from niche to niche chasing the money when, instead, the gurus have the money chase them in one particular niche where they have built momentum and become the authority.

There are many hyped-up products that supposedly make niche selection easier, but with a bit of well-guided research, it can easily be done effectively with the resources available to everyone online at no cost. Picking a niche directly impacts keyword research. Keyword research directly affects the success of an online business with respect to search engine optimization and traffic generation. Without proper keyword research, an online business has failed before it has even begun. Proper keyword research takes into account competition evaluation. Most people believe they know proper keyword research well enough, yet they chase ethereal profits while running on the proverbial hamster wheel.

Let us take a look at one example niche that does not require much traffic yet can provide a very significant amount of autopilot success. The precious metals niche is extremely hot right now (perhaps proportional to the state of the current global economy). However, most people believe success in that market is conducive to SEO targeting the minute handful of major keywords (i.e. "gold", "gold price", "spot silver", etc). Profitable micro-keywords may look more like "gold retirement", "401k to gold", or even "best ira account" (where projected average monthly traffic seems low). The truth is that you can make thousands of dollars per week with only 5-20 visitors per day in the precious metals niches (sometimes even less depending on the innate buying-intent of that keyword). How?

You need the right affiliate product that comes with an inherent, highly-effective vendor marketing sales pitch. This does not mean you should pick the product that has a flashy, hyped-up sales page for some e-book with a killer price. There are precious metals investment companies that have prestigious reputations because they offer a quality service. This innately provides a much higher conversion rate for affiliate sales. It is also not based on selling some information product. The commission is based on how much money a client transfers from their standard retirement savings account to their new gold/silver IRA to which the affiliate has referred them. What entices these potential clients to take such drastic, life-changing action through your affiliate campaign?

These prestigious vendors run a proven, highly-effective marketing campaign by initially offering a high-quality investment kit at no cost. The kit (along with the affiliate or the vendor) doesn't aim to sell - it aims to inform and impress. The affiliate is not required to sell, but they are recommended to inform visitors about a free investment kit - the bait. Visitors are able to request this kit through a link, web form, or special phone number tied to an affiliate. When the potential client calls the vendor back about their free investment kit (they had received through the affiliate recommendation), they will be persuaded to transfer their retirement investment account (or a portion of it) into a new precious metals investment account. These are often extremely large sums of money, and the affiliate has the potential to earn extremely high commissions.

What does this all mean? You only need even just a single sale occasionally to hit the big bucks. With only 400 visitors per month, there is a proven case where an affiliate earned over $3,000 in commissions in only 5 days because of one single IRA transfer ($100K). Most newbies would never even dream of entering any of the precious metals niches because they fear it is over-crowded and doesn't have a high enough client base online, or they have the preconceived notion that no one will ever transfer their life savings or retirement account based on the recommendation of some newbie. When you pick the right niche with the right product, all of the marketing tools become available that can make a know-nothing newbie look like a master of that niche.

Too many people focus too much of their time and efforts on SEO, traffic generation, and being hypnotized by all of the hype out there online. Instead, it is much more effective to provide real value before expecting to get paid. When you find the right things to promote and you aim to add real value to the corresponding niche, everything else seems to fall into place. This is how you build momentum in that niche, which is key, as opposed to spreading yourself thin over many unrelated niches and superficial marketing endeavors.

Rather than chasing the money, you should have the money chase you. So what does this mean now? It means you shouldn't base your niche selection and traffic generation based on keywords and traffic potential alone, and you certainly don't want to limit yourself from the start by promoting hype. When you properly conduct market research, product (or service) selection is imperative. When you have selected the right thing to promote, you will automatically inherit success. This is sometimes referred to as success by association, and it can be applied to a limitless variety of highly profitable micro-niches.

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