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Retirees!!! Some people have made the choice of retiring and look forward to it with great anticipation. Others are force into retirement because their jobs has been eliminated by a shortage of work or to cut down on the work force they will buy you out. Also we have to look at how many jobs have been eliminated by mechanical robots. Now those employees find themselves looking for a job after they are over fifty. some of us have a lot to look forward to.We look at it as a time to relax and do nothing that we did not want to do. But we should not become content to do nothing for there is a danger to your health if you are inactive.You must as retirees remain active and stay busy. Continue your routine getting up in the morning and taking your shower. Have breakfast to get you started on a good foot. Now you determine what you want to do for the day. Do you want to visited a friend or meet some where for lunch. Or maybe there is some activity that both of you participate in like playing golf or bowling. What ever it is as long as you are actively intermingling with other people. Also taking time out to talk with family and friends finding out what their day was like.

Do not retire and plan on doing nothing and live a unsociable life.If you do your enthusiasm for life will diminish and life will not be as enjoyable as you would like. For life is what you choose to make of it. It is a gift to be cherished.

A lot of things happen that we have no control over. Some jobs are lost because of out sourcing to another country so that job is likely never to return. That has had a huge effect on the job situation casing a lot of jobs being lost. Have you ever thought of the effect that Robots in plants is having on our economy. These robots in some instants do the work of ten people. They do not received a paycheck or salary. They do not spend money for goods or services. So if goods are not being bought there is no reason to produce more goods. There goes the need for more people to produce more goods for robots do not buy anything plus the fact they don't have money or need of our services.

In conclusion think about our jobs being out source and Robots taking our jobs we never know when we may have to retire.

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