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Part 1. Essentials For Online Success. What You Get From 'Niche Q' At Wealthy Affiliate.
Join 1000's of Authors at StreetArticles Today!


How can we find a good one?

This is the everlasting question.

‘Niche Q’ Is One Solution

What is ‘Niche Q’

• Niche Q is one of 10 Market Tools I receive as part of my membership at Wealthy Affiliate University. I will be showing you the other nine tools in subsequent articles.

• Niche Q tab has eight niches on offer at this stage. If you were to join now, you could choose from one of these 8. At the time of writing thee niches are: ‘Dating’, ‘Golf’, ‘Insurance’, ‘Online Gaming’, ‘Stocks/Online Trading’, ‘‘VOIP’’, ‘Web Hosting’ and ‘Pets’.

With each new Niche Q report you get:

1. Niche Report. This is a report of fifty pages length that will give you all the understanding you need to be successful in the particular industry for that month.

• Understanding the analytics and the trends in the industry is absolutely essential for success. • These reports include stats, seasonal trends, focus audiences, buying behaviour and the best affiliate marketing programs.

2. Five Custom Sites – Each Specialized niche at Niche Q comes with five top-quality easy to customize website templates. These websites are set up to match the niche theme and supply the support structure and also adaptability for any market niche site. Get your content out of theNiche Articles or Niche Report {and you'll be equipped with a totally developed relevant website operating in almost no time.

3. 5000 Niche Keywords – A very difficult job for people when entering a fresh niche is the keyword hunt. These keywords: • Are targeted so as to be very selective for the niche • Take in the sub-keyword lists. • Throw up many new ideas. If you are desperate for new ideas, the keyword lists have hundreds of them for you.

4. There are 300 “absolutely latest” article ideas. The article internet marketer’s fantasy dream world -three hundred untapped, meticulously investigated keyword ideas specifically aimed at article marketing. These are Search Engine relevant keywords. Just imagine! If you write an article about one of the aspects and you will go to the top of the search engine listings fast.

5. 7 Market Specialized Emails – Do you need material for your email crusades? You get 7 appropriate emails to make use of when setting up your follow-up sequence or even for broadcasts to send to your list. These emails will interest your readers straight away because of the lively and interesting style of writing used in them. All ou have to do is enter them into your campaigns and watch your subscriber relationship grow closer in leaps and bounds. And of course we all know that translates into better profits.

6. 25 PLR Articles Specific To Your Market: The keyword targeted, 500-word articles were written with both content combined with article submission in mind. Use them in any way you wish – for website content, article marketing campaigns, email campaigns or just even resell.

7. Three Niche PLR Books - The fifteen-page PLR manuals are very authoritative inclusions to any operation and will certainly show the way to higher financial returns. Offer them as a reward to your "buyers" and for those who sign-up as clients of yours. These guides are available in both PDF as well as text format which means you can re-market them with your affiliate links. The PLR Guides are generally niche specific and therefore very complementary to any product.

8. Niche Discussion Online Forum – In each market you have access to a specialized forum where you would be able to discuss anything about your niche with others concentrating on this niche. You can: • Chitchat about your market • Submit queries • Go to work with other people • Let them in on supplementary resources • Bring to light insights you have and perhaps as a team in due course build a lucrative operation.

9. Private Teaching - Have a problem about your market niche particular to your promotion but do not want to reveal it with other people? Kyle says:

"You can ask one of us, Kyle or Carson, private questions and we will provide you with one of our "no-nonsense" replies. We make literally $1,000,000's online from niche marketing and can definitely point you in the appropriate direction if you get trapped and feel like quitting."

10. Ever-Multiplying Earning Possibilities - There are a hundred thousand (plus, plus, plus ...) around}, and you can earn money from them if you just know how.

A lot of money.

You are quite possibly seriously doubting this, but honestly you can generate $1,000,000 each year from just a single niche. Both affiliates and merchants have access to comprehensive industry breakdowns inside each NicheQ, and you will possess the ammo you need to be remarkably successful online.

The Internet {is absolutely huge and with the correct "niche" knowledge, so is the earning potential.

NicheQ offers you huge earning potential at every level.

Hi, Paul Smith here. Click here Wealthy Affiliate University to get access TODAY to your FREE WA "Internet Wealth Crash Course". My personal WA site is From here you can proceed to the Official Wealthy Affiliate University Site.

Street Talk

Do I misunderstand one point? Kyle suggested we should not use PLR articles (his article 'Quality PLR Articles...') and why PLR articles are provided for specific market in WA?

  about 8 years ago
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