Shining The Light On An Easy Online Income Stream
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Shining the Light on An Easy Online Income Stream

It’s time to take the blinkers off, open your eyes, and get a real insight into the backbone of generating an easy online income stream. Reason being that it’s a complete and utter myth.

If you’ve been wandering around the net aimlessly, in an effort to seek out legitimate online business opportunities, what tends to happen is that you see so many buzz words that you’re led to believe there really is a turnkey solution, that’s going to pour oodles of cash into your bank account.

Heck, you may even have been trying for months or even years to turn a profit from the net to no avail.

The truth is that these buzz words are nothing but that. They’re geared towards people who are struggling financially, and clinging to hope that there’s a solution on the net that can set them on the path to financial freedom.

That’s what unscrupulous companies prey on. The misfortune of others. When you want something so bad, and someone tells you it’s within arm’s reach, you reach out to grab it with open arms.

It’s this crazy thing called hope!

Or as unscrupulous marketers tend to look at, it’s psychology 101 and it’s always going to be around. That’s why there’s a huge amount of money spent on rubbish software, business in a box programs, MLM schemes and even people paying to take surveys online, with no returns ever to be seen.

Some of the buzzwords and phrases that you’ve probably been exposed to…
  • Automation
  • Business in a box
  • Residual income
  • Turnkey websites
  • Get paid today
  • No product needed
  • Little known secrets, only the elite players know about
  • Triple your income
  • No selling

That’s before getting into the amount of sites that publish the earnings figures you “could” make with their programs.

…A complete myth that one is!

The next time you’re on any website, which is making earnings claims, look to the bottom of the page, in the footer and you’ll notice a disclaimer stating that the company is not liable for any losses you may incur. Some sites even tell you that paid actors have conducted the video testimonials on their sales pages.

That covers them legally by the FTC as all you need to do is put a disclaimer on your website, stating that you cannot verify estimated earnings as it varies from one person to the next.

So how are you supposed to find a legitimate way to put an easy online income stream in place?

It can actually be done, but it doesn’t start out easy. It’s only easy once you have everything set up to work for you. In order to get things set up, you are going to need to spend money. Online is the same as offline in that respect.

You have to spend money to earn money

That is in no way an indication that you have to spend money on training to start a business online. You can start out free, as there’s plenty of information already published online that explains how to do it.

What I'm not going to do is tell you is that it’s downright easy to get started. Getting started is the hardest part as that’s the time when you’re trying to set your business up, while learning the ropes at the same time.

And please…don’t think that working from home means that you can work as and when you feel like it. So many programs make that claim and the only time you can do that is once you have your business semi automated. It’s probably never going to be fully automated.

The reason you can’t automate your business on your own

In order for you to make money, someone has to spend money. Selling your own products, you’re going to have to provide customers with support, and if you’re working as an affiliate, you’re still going to have your customers to support. They buy the product through your website; therefore, people assume that you’re the person they bought it from.

Even if you put up disclaimers and terms of service agreements, making people aware that you’re affiliated with a merchant and receive a commission on units sold, you’re still going to be contacted if you promote something that isn’t of high quality. Your customers will buy through you based on the level of trust you build up with them.

Putting things in check

To create an easy online income stream, the best business model to go with is the affiliate business model.

To get involved in that industry, you’re going to need a website. To start a website you need your domain name and to get and to keep it online, you will need servers to host it on. Hosting is cheap at only a few bucks a month, and a domain is around $10 a year.

Once you have those you’re pretty much set to get started, which is why anyone can afford to start a business online, working from home.

It’s after you have your website online that the real costs start to creep in.

You need to have your content on your site for visitors to read, or videos to watch. That’s going to eat into your time. If you run short on time, you may end up spending extra cash on outsourcing some of the things you need.

You then need to market your website for people to be able to discover it. You can do marketing through various free channels, but eventually you’re going to want or perhaps even need others to help you push your marketing forward. You need to get in front of people to show them you’re offer.

Once you’re in a position of having people arriving on your site, you will need to make an effort to generate loyal customers.

You do that with a mailing list, so that you can contact people again. Mailing lists are run through auto responder services and they come with a cost attached too. Although you can find some free services, they tend to get blocked by spam filters at a higher volume than that of premium email auto responder service providers.

As your subscriber list grows, your cost will increase too, so as your business grows, your overheads are going to go up with it.

In order to send your emails, you’re going to have to be a somewhat decent writer, so you can communicate with your subscribers. You’ll need to do that on your website as well. If you aren’t comfortable writing, then you may have the additional costs of hiring a writer.

For the marketing, that can be another expense that you could have to contend with, depending on your own abilities.

Choosing the free route

This is a bit of a joke this one. There’s sites around that will sell you a course on how to make money using free to use websites. There’s a huge problem here and why people succumb to it, is beyond me.

The problem is so simple to see, yet so many are blinded by the promised figures.

The people selling the courses don’t own these websites that let you publish your content. They change all the time, in an ongoing effort to stop people using their platforms for personal gain.

The product owners don’t change with them, as they’ll be away re-investing the earnings they get from paying customers into their own business. Those profits will cover the costs for them, of all the aforementioned overheads for running a real profitable business online.

The easy online income stream is only possible when you have the financial resources to hire your own customer support staff, pay for hosting fees, auto responder fees, writer fees, video production costs, graphics for your site and your marketing costs.

To do everything yourself is going to be next to impossible. Especially if you’re aspiring to make quite a bit of money, and not just a couple of hundred extra per month.

Defining the easy online income stream philosophy

The truth is that you have to work, and work super hard to create a profitable business online, that generates revenue while you’re away from the computer.

In your early days, you’re going to be frustrated as heck with all the tasks you need to get done. From finding a niche market, getting your site up and running, understanding your audience, picking the best products to recommend, setting you your follow up emails and then continually fine tuning it, until your sales funnel is in place.

It’s only once you have your auto responder sales funnel set up and working for you, that you can substantially grow your profits, by increasing your traffic, and to do that, you’ll eventually either need to pay for outsourced staff, or pay for advertising, in order to generate more leads into your sales funnel.

To get that stage can take you years, however, depending on the level of commitment you have, and the time you have to invest into the business, you could be in the money sooner.

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