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This is going to be a campaign that I am going to start running. I have a website in place and just need to tweek small things here and there. The point of this campaign is for people to be open about there buisness opportunities and how it is working for them. Also, this should attract goo traffic to those buisness' that are proving to people that they are doing well. Another reason for this campaign is to discuss the simple fact that too have Smart Living is too actually take some form of risk.

It really bothers me how many people are simply doing nothing! I mean they won't even try an internet buisness where all you have to do is study how to get traffic and put up adds, and make a simple website! However, these same people will COMPLAIN about there situation and talk about that rich as if they committed some sort of crime. I absolutely get appaulled by these kind of people. Once you confront them about an opportunity they immediately tell you that its probrably a pyramid scheme or that will never work! How do you think the rich are getting rich? Maybe its not through this particular company or that one, but its through a channel that they would have to had to take some risk in! There is no perfect sale or deal, there is only the opportunity for a good sale or deal. Its not enough in this economy to let your money sit anymore. Honestly, it would be better to spend on things that could actually get you some money then counting on this magical interest that all the banks and investors want you to believe in. How do you think they are getting rich? Sales! They are selling the common person a product that they actually believe will benefit them.

Its really irritating, seriously, I have no problem getting told no or that type of buisness is not for me. Really, that doesn't bother me. What actually infuriates me is the person that can't even make a decision or honest answer that he or she does not want to buy that particular product ha ha! Well, this article was more of a rant than educational but I will be producing more educational materials and opportunities through future articles as well as on the website that will be running my slogan, Smart Living!

Thank you to all those who took the time to read this short message. If you enjoyed any part of this please select the like button or leave a message and I will respond to your comments. I also would like to invite you to remember the campaign, because in the near future you will probrably see more of it, and I personally believe that its going to become extremely popular.

Thank you.

Street Talk

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