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The Top Affiliate Programs To Promote
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The Top Affiliate Programs To Promote

When it comes to affiliate marketing there are literally millions of products or services you can market.

But you don’t want to promote just any old affiliate product or service.

The best affiliate products or services to market are programs that offer recurring billing.

This types of programs are:

- Dating sites

- Internet Marketing Training sites

- Diet sites

- Investment sites

- Cooking sites

- Debt Relief sites

- Credit Score sites

The advantage of working with these types of programs is you build on your sales from the previous month, unlike other affiliate programs where you would be starting from zero sales at the start of each month.

Let’s compare the differences of a traditional affiliate offer and a recurring billing offer.

Ok you be the smarty pants that’s marketing a product that has recurring billing and I’ll be the guy that is selling a product with no recurring billing.

And for conversation sake the product we’re marketing gives us a commission of $30 for each sale.

Ok you and I are really good marketers and we can each consistently sell 50 items each and every month.

So in the first month I sell 50 items so this means I just made $1500 – not bad – I know a ton of people that kill for that kind success each month.

Ok month two rolls around and so I’m back to square one I have to get to work to make another 50 sales – and because I’m a super duper marketer I do that.

Alright month 3 rolls around and I rinse and repeat and sell another 50 items. And so on and so on.

Now don’t get me wrong I know a lot of people that would be very happy with this consistent income each and every month. And yes I can increase my income if I scale up my marketing.

But why settle for that when there is so much more to made and remember the effort you put in to marketing anything online is the same – so why not maximize the results?

Ok now it’s your turn you’re going to do the same marketing and sell the same number of items each month – now let’s see how things change shall we?

Month 1 you sell 50 – you make $1500 – woo whoo, in month 2 you sell 50 – you make $1500 – oh wait – no you didn’t, you made $3000.

Because you’re promoting an affiliate product that has recurring billing you started your second month with $1500 in sales.

Here’s how it can play out.

Month 1: $1500

Month2: $3000

Month 3: $4500

Month 4: $6000

Now of course this example is if every one of the people that purchased the product keep making their monthly payments, but we know that’s unlikely.

Let’s say you have a lot of people that drop out in the first month, let’s get crazy and say half of the people do not renew their subscription - who cares!!

You’re starting the month with $750 in sales – that’s a lot better than starting at zero every month.

Do you see the power of representing affiliate programs that have recurring billing?

This is how super affiliates create huge passive incomes. I said it already but I’ll say it again – you are putting in the same effort with your marketing, why not maximize the results.

So where do you find these programs? The best place is through affiliate networks. Well everywhere but the best places are through affiliate networks, such as Commission Junction, Click Bank and Linkshare just to name a few.

If you're new to affiliate marketing it's best to find a mentor or a training program that you can follow so you can avoid common mistakes that will slow your success.

In the world of marketing you want to get in the habit of working smart not hard – finding products or services to promote that have recurring billing – is working big time smart.

I believe in you


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