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This Is How Clickbank Works!
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This Is How Clickbank Works!

Have you heard of Clickbank and now you are trying to figure out how Clickbank works?

Clickbank is an affiliate network that has thousands and thousands of products that you as an affiliate can promote. Most of the products on the network are downloadable products which means that the customer can download the product as soon as they purchase it.

High Commissions

There are a lot of benefits with digital products as I said you have instant access. It also means that the expenses for the merchant is low when it comes to digital products. That is why they can pay out around 75% in commission.

The high commission is one of the reasons why Clickbank is so popular among affiliates starting out. I say starting out because some affiliates seem to move towards other products when they get some more experience...

It doesn`t mean that Clickbank is no good, you can for sure make lots of money promting their products. They are a reliable company that pay you on time and I have never had a problem with them.

It is also pretty easy to get approved when you apply for an account with them. Some affiliate networks require well build out websites to get approved that is not the case with Clickbank.

If you are a non English speaking person they offer products in other languages as well. This can be great if you want to promote products written in your own language.

How to Find Good Products On Clickbank

Like I said there are thousands of products and to be honest a lot of the products are not very good BUT there are some exceptions there are some good products to be found. The key is to know how to find these good profitable products.

The first rule is never promote a product you would not buy yourself. If you look at the sales page and it scream ”scam” and you would not buy anything from there yourself, I would not spend any time promoting that product.

Another thing that you want to take a look at is gravity. Are other affiliates making money with this specific product?

These are just a few things to think of when finding a good Clickbank product.

The good thing is that when you find a ”golden nugget” that can bring you an income for years to come. If you find a product that convert, stay with it! Hope that helped you figure out how Clickbank works.

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