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Ways For The Average Family To Make Extra Money
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It is a fact of life these days but most average families need to make more money. They live pay check to pay check. Both husband and wife work, some times more than one job, and day care raises the kids. Worst than that the kids raise them self. That is not the best thing for kids to do. Errors in judgement lead to greater problems down the road.

What can an average family do to add money to their house and bring one of the parents home to raise the kids. The best choices that I have seen is online marketing, affiliate marketing and online selling. Any one of these three things alone can replace a full time income and once you learn how to make your online business work for you it can be scaled to replace two incomes. More people make over $100,000 a year selling online than any other type of home based business. No Network Marketing Company in the history of the industry has had more people make full time incomes than learning to sell online has.

Affiliate marketing is learning to sell other peoples books, programs, courses or other items on the internet. You can sell an ebook that someone else wrote and they will pay you a commission when it sells. This ebook could be on weight loss, work out secrets, cooking tips or anything else under the sun. You don't collect the money, you don't deliver the book, you just find the customer that wants to buy the book and you show him where to buy it. You are the broker between the seller and the buyer. This type of business works best on the internet because these items are digital and the buyer can have the item with in seconds of paying for it. The internet never closes, the books or courses are translated in any language around the world and you don't have to be awake to make a sell. No other business model works quite like this one. Do that one thing often enough and you can replace you income.

Online selling is similar to affiliate marketing but you usually have the items that you are selling. You have either bought the item or you have the item tied up so you can get it when it sells to your customer. The customer buys your item and pays for it, then you ship it to them. This is done by thousands every day. This is no different than what big retailers do, you just have to start small and work your way up in size. There are great resources to help you learn both of these ways to make that extra money you are looking for.

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