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Let me tell you why it is so easy, why it works and why you should try this yourself before you think of any other solution.

The easiest and fastest solution if you want to have your own site are Website Building Sites. There has been dramatic development in this type of software in recent years and the effects are fantastic. Anyone can build a professionally looking website in a very short space of time.

In fact it is so advanced that some serious sites were created with online website building techniques. It is extremely effective and take out most of the work you would have to do if you were to write the entire code for the website.

The software works like text editor and web browser combined. That is how they look like and feel like to use. If you need it, they have very advanced options but for 99% of applications they are so intuitive every one becomes an expert after a day or two.

The reason is they work like web browsers with predefined modules, you just have to size them and drop them, where you want them to be. The content of the module you format like text in your text editor. All of them have sample sets of layouts to help you choose general design of the site.

If you are a complete newbie and want to try it out without paying a penny try website building sites like Weebly. I think is the easiest one to use. Creating a Weebly website is probable easier than finding this article was. It has little options but you don't need to start.

When you start looking for something more advanced I'd go for WordPress Express. It just as easy to use as Weebly but has way more features. You can create a full blown website with WordPress Express. WordPress Express is essentially WordPress but it takes all your hosting and installation worries away. The difference between WordPress and Weebly is you have to install it and keep the files on a hosting server.

Online website building is a great way to save plenty of money you'd otherwise spend on web design. When you are building a website for your affiliate marketing business it lowers your costs dramatically.

Website building sites give you big time advantage over traditional web design. You can have your website up and running in a couple of minutes and if you want to make any changes you can edit it in real time.

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