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I started my own affiliate marketing venture a year ago, and was unfortunate enough to be conned of cash whilst I was fighting and struggling to find a lucrative and real work at home internet job opportunity. Fortunately, I was able to realise quite quickly that these were scams, and I quickly took action to prevent myself from being fleeced of hard-earned cash. But many people constantly fall into the traps of scams and hoaxes and lose fortunes.

Although affiliate marketing is a reputable and realistic work at home internet job opportunity, it is also prone to scams and affiliates are constantly being scammed through disreputable individuals scamming hard-working affiliates. This is why it is so important that affiliates take every opportunity to guard themselves against the scammers. There are thousands of affiliate marketing scams out there but there are also real work at home internet job opportunities and affiliate marketing programs that are earning affiliates thousands of dollars each month. Wealthy Affiliate University is one very reputable and real affiliate program. Wealthy affiliate sets out to make affiliates wealthy, it delivers on its promises. It provides affiliates with all the training, tutorials, training aids, training resources, a second-to-none support, mentoring and one-to-one coaching option and training tools and resources to make earning easy for its affiliates.

Wealthy Affiliate is a work at home internet job opportunity scam. No, it is definitely not. No other program offers its affiliates the level of support and training as that offered by Wealthy Affiliate. As well as providing a concise and time-released training plan, around which affiliates can build the most comprehensive training, it provides ‘Getting Started Guides’ to enable affiliates to learn from scratch, everything there is to know about affiliate marketing. Affiliates are provided with training, tutorials, downloads, videos, articles, blogs and more to provide its members with the most extensive training platform online today. The training plan is geared around 8 categories including article marketing, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, keyword research, niche research, pay-per-click, website development and website hosting. Every tool is provided to enable affiliates to carry out effective and successful marketing campaigns including keyword research tools, a website builder and editor, a niche-finding tool, Clickbank research tool, website templates, free website hosting, competition spy tool and content and article generator. Wealthy Affiliate has also teamed up with Wordpress to enable affiliates to build their own blogs online, as it becomes more apparent that blogs are an effective way to build marketing campaigns.

But it has to be the support, mentoring and one-to-one expert coaching that makes the program what it is. Members are provided with one-to-one coaching, not least by the program owners themselves, Kyle & Carson, who are known as the Wealthy Affiliates. These two marketing experts set out to make the program a unique learning portal that provides its members with encouragement, support and tutoring that moulds the affiliate into an affiliate expert. They take member success seriously because they realise that member success means the programs’ success.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, it is not a second-rate training facility. The program also provides the most comprehensive services for its members. As well as providing all of the training and support, it provides affiliates with the best services to underpin this unique training and support. The Wealthy Affiliate Forum is the hub of the program. Affiliates network and communicate with like-minded individuals and build their networking and knowledge base within the Forum. Members are provided with a WA Space, through which they build these networks with other expert affiliates and marketers. My Space is a personal space on which affiliates are able to build their personal profiles and resources with other marketers.
There is so much more that the program provides that it is impossible to include this within one article. The Wealthy Affiliate offer is second-to-none, it is unique, it is successful and it is renowned. It is fast becoming the best affiliate program online. It also provides members with the opportunity to earn online, whilst they learn all there is to know about affiliate marketing, through the incentive initiative, where affiliates are able to earn generous commissions for referrals to the program.

Now, what more could its members ask for. No stone is left unturned and the information database is constantly updated and upgraded, providing the latest, cutting edge information to members. This is by far the best program online and it is helping affiliates to earn huge amounts of money, build the best affiliate marketing campaigns and realise their work at home internet job opportunity success.

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