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3 Simple Steps For Supercharging Your Positive Affirmations
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3 Simple Steps For Supercharging Your Positive Affirmations

I have already discussed in a previous article the basics of affirmations and the process for drafting your own affirmations. Assuming you have a basic understanding of affirmations, today we'll cover three simple techniques for increasing the effectiveness of your affirmations.

To begin though I'm sure you've seen the movie "The Secret". If you have you may recall Cathy Goodman who appeared in the film. Cathy was diagnosed with breast cancer and despite refusing treatment of chemotherapy she managed to overcome the cancer.

Cathy stated that she had truly believed in her own heart that she was already healed! She didn't allow the negativity of being diagnosed with cancer consume her!

More importantly though Cathy stated that each day and throughout each day she would say "Thank you for my healing". She said this over and over to herself like a broken record player.. forgive the pun.

I want you to take note of how simple the phrase she used as her affirmation was, "Thank you for my healing". Simple yet so powerful! Cathy overcome her diagnosis and mocked the modern mentality of treating illnesses in doing so.

That's why I want to discuss the three simple steps that you can apply to your positive affirmations for much better and faster results.

1. Gratitude - This really is mandatory in applying anything related to manifesting your desires!

It's important to take stock and show gratitude for the things in your life that are good instead of focusing your thoughts and attention on what you don't have. Cathy for example was in ill-health yet she showed gratitude everyday for her healing.

By showing gratitude you're aligning your way of thinking to be in a much better state of receiving. Given Cathy was diagnosed with breast cancer and turned down brutal treatment in the form of chemotherapy, she really had little to show gratitude for. At least this is how most people would think!

Cathy never stated "I would be grateful if i were healed" or "I know that i will be healed soon, thank you". She showed gratitude in the present tense which cemented the fact in her mind that she was already healing or in the process of being healed.

Remember this one tip when writing out your affirmations and you'll have a solid grounding for applying your affirmations. Forget about what you "want" and focus on what you "have" even if you don't necessarily have it.

2. It's a process not a direct result - Another thing to note in Cathy's affirmation was that she referred to a process as opposed to an end result. Note how she used the word "healing" as opposed to "healed".

Remember positive thinking affirmations work by slowly re-programming the subconscious mind. Many apply their affirmations as though their desire has already manifested. Although there's nothing wrong with this approach it can often be more effective to imply the process of manifestation as the subconscious mind will take on this belief more easily.

Think of it logically, when applying affirmations we're trying to switch our beliefs from one reality to another on a subconscious level. If the switch is to bigger change or inconceivable then you'll struggle to really imprint this belief subconsciously. So by using affirmations and implying a "process" it makes your manifestation more believable.

To really emphasize this point let's take a look at a quick example:

  • My body is perfect and I'm a slim size 6.
  • Everyday my body is becoming lighter and I'm feeling healthier.

The first affirmation is to result driven. This will still work but if you're carrying a lot of extra weight then you'll struggle to convince your subconscious this is indeed a reality.

The second affirmation however is much more "process" orientated and therefore much more believable.

3. Focus On What You Want NOT What You Don't Want

Here's where the simplicity yet effectiveness of Cathy's affirmation really shines through. Notice how she hasn't directly referred to any particular type of healing?

Despite the fact she had been diagnosed with breast cancer she never refers to her healing in the form of breast cancer. Her affirmation wasn't "thank you for healing my breast cancer".

The reason for this is so simple and yet so powerful! Basically by affirming her healing of breast cancer she is affirming she has breast cancer to begin with!

Remember the golden rule for affirmations which is to only focus on that which you desire and not that which you don't desire. Whether you're applying positive affirmations for success, health, relationships, confidence or whatever the reason may be the same rules always apply.

Once you learn to focus only on what you want and to likewise show gratitude for that which you already have you're in good stead to apply affirmations effectively.

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