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5 Tips For Effectively Applying Positive Affirmations
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5 Tips For Effectively Applying Positive Affirmations

Using positive affirmations has proven to be an effective technique for slowly influencing the subconscious mind and imprinting a new system of belief. Many though struggle to achieve the desired results when applying affirmations in their own life.

That's why in this article we'll discuss five proven techniques for applying affirmations and how you can both speed up the process and achieve better results.

Before we begin it's worth taking into consideration that you're better off applying a certain list of affirmations and sticking to them! Far to many people chuck out some random statements hoping that they will stick to the wall but you need to remain focused around a specific group of affirmations before chopping and changing them.

5 Techniques For Applying Positive Affirmations

1. Firstly and most importantly you need to ensure you're in the right state of mind for applying affirmations. This is the skill that will take the most practice but once you learn to shut out any self destructive thoughts and negativity you will eliminate any intrusive thoughts from your conscious mind.

Remember affirmations are all about "re-programming" the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is directly influenced by our conscious part of the mind and vice verse.

2. State your affirmations to yourself in front of a mirror!

Sound so simple and it is, yet is very effective. Although we're not necessarily applying visualization to our arsenal of manifestation tools. There's something about adding a visual or projection that helps the subconscious mind take on the power of auto suggestion (affirmations).

3. Ever notice how a catchy tune or rhyme stays in your head?

This is worth remembering when you draft your affirmations. Not only is it important to make them meaningful and ensure they resonate with you but make them catchy.

Remember affirmations don't just have to be read out aloud at set intervals although a routine is recommended. However you can practice your affirmations on a mental level anywhere, anytime. By creating affirmations that are catchy they'll naturally roam around in your mind even without you being conscious of it.

4. As stated above committing to a routine when practicing affirmations is a key. Not only is it important to practice your affirmations daily but also to set a structured routine.

It is recommended to at least practice your affirmations twice daily for a period of no less than 15 mins each session. It is also recommended to practice your affirmations once in the morning after waking up and once in the evening just before bed.

5. Although the use of positive affirmations is centered around repeating statements out aloud I have always found it helps to write down my affirmations in big bold letters.

I then place them around the home, at work (which is my home ironically), but I have even gone to measures such as placing them in clothing so I unexpectedly find them and read over them randomly.

The power of auto suggestion works in many ways and taking extra steps or measures to influence your subconscious mind can only be a good thing. Seeing your list of affirmations on a daily basis as well as reading them will certainly help speed up the process.

So to wrap up you may be wondering how long it takes for affirmations to work?

Well science and other evidence indicates that it usually takes around a month for one person to change from one habit to another habit. This really is hit and miss though and it really depends on your current belief system and commitment.

It also depends on what your goals for applying affirmations are, some will naturally take longer than others. Some people use positive affirmations for weight loss which can take varied amounts of time dependent on the mental barriers to overcome and how much weight the person intends to lose.

Never give up though, re-programming the mind on a subconscious level is no easy feat but the rewards are tenfold. Remember all it costs is a little time and very little energy.

Just be sure to take some time when actually drafting up your affirmations, don't just copy from a website or e-book! They will have little meaning for you personally and you'll struggle to get the desired results!

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