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There is certainly no lack of insurance companies in the United States. From big name companies that hold hundreds of thousands of policies, to the smaller ones that sell just a few hundred policies each year, there are several options to choose from. Once you have decided to obtain an insurance policy for you, your family, your house or your business, how will you go about choosing the right insurance agency?

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Insurance Agency

Whether you are buying a new house, starting a business or safeguarding your property, choosing the right insurance coverage will provide you with the financial back-up that you need in case you fall on difficult times.

Associating with the right insurance company means that you get professional assistance at any hour and prompt financial help.

Choosing Between an Independent Agency, Insurance Broker or Captive Agent

An independent agency will have contracts with different insurance companies, while a captive agent will work for only one insurance company. An insurance broker will act as your representative in order to find local insurance providers that offer the best possible coverage.

Remember that both captive and independent agents are representatives of the insurance company and they will receive commission for whatever policy that they sell. The service of an insurance broker should be considered if you have complicated insurance needs. A broker always charges for his/her service.

It’s always a good idea to do your homework when it comes to researching insurance policies. While nearly every insurance company is safe to invest in, the law has certain requirements such as having large reserves; therefore, doing prior research is still advised. Choosing the right company means getting the best treatment. Moreover, there will be less hassles when filing a claim.

Comparison Factor

Although several insurance brokers and agencies may pitch great offers, be careful that you choose the right agent. Perform an online search and compare prices. Also, reading customer complaints is a good way to judge an insurance company. Give priority to the company with the least complaints.

Benefit Comparison

No two insurance policies are the same. They each offer different benefits and they all provide different coverages. Consider these factors when comparing insurance benefits:

  • The cost for a co-pay, out of pocket limits and deductibles
  • The amount the insurance company will cover in the case of an accident
  • If the insurance is suitable for your needs
  • The price of the premium

Determining Objective

Identifying the need for insurance is important - for individuals and businesses both. Ask yourself why you need insurance, and then figure out the important, as well as unnecessary factors in the policy. There are some insurance covers that come with the combined benefit of auto, medical and home insurance. Determine what it is that you need and then find out if the insurance policy will provide you the expected coverage.

Ask for Referrals

Referrals are a great way to hire someone that is reliable. Ask your friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances what insurance companies they have worked with. The first question to ask is why they like a particular agent or agency. Also inquire about the service standards, how soon their claims were settled, about whether their insurance rates increased or decreased, etc.

The Internet

The first place that most of us turn to for information is the Internet. There's a huge amount of data available online in order to consider the above discussed points and not deviate from the purpose.

Trade Associations

Talk to trade associations or other business owners to get names of the recognized insurance organizations. Chances are that they might have taken the services of an insurance agency for similar needs.

Also consider:

  • The quality rating of the insurance company
  • Financial strength, assets etc.
  • If the insurer specializes in certain insurance coverage
  • Does the insurer give discounts for multiple policies?
  • The company's record for claim refusal

What to Expect

Instead of finalizing on the first agent that you meet, be sure to speak with a few agencies in order to make an informed decision. After shortlisting your list of agents and setting up a meeting, be sure to ask the following:

  • Ask all of the questions that you have that is related to the insurance. If the agent is unable to answer all of your questions at the moment, then he should get back to you to clarify them later. If an agent is unable to answer certain questions even after getting back to you, then these are all reasons to say no.
  • One of the major benefits of seeking the services of an independent agency is the choices of coverage that you get. Also, see if the agent is helping you evaluate the options and choose the best one.
  • If the agent is not clearly answering your questions regarding the company or the insurance coverage, then think again.
  • The agent should not pressure you to choose a certain policy or to go with his company.

And finally, it is advised that you never buy an insurance policy in a hurry. An insurance policy is financial security that you are buying for yourself, your family, your home or your business. For this reason, everything should be carefully analyzed before making a decision.

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