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How Modern Technology & Internet Has Changed Farming
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How Modern Technology & Internet Has Changed Farming

The twentieth century has seen a great many technological inventions and advances, and has radically changed the way farmers and agriculturists think and work. At one time, a farm the size of 30 acres was about all most farming families could productively work, with all members of the family doing their part. Modern technology now means farmers can actively produce more per acre than ever before, often running blocks of thousands of acres in size. Many old timers will attest that during the 1940’s you needed very little to earn a living as a farmer, even if that living was at times average with regards income. Since then things have changed for most modern farmers, with many organizations playing a part in that. The Department of Defense, for example, has improved farming methods with the wide-spread use of global positioning system equipment and technology.

Fourth and fifth generation farmers would in particular notice how modern technology like GPS has changed farming methods. More people are benefiting from higher crop yields with precision farmers using this technology to distribute the exact quantities of fertilizer to each section of a field. While the crop is harvested farmers will measure yields, later using the information to plan and prepare for next season’s crop. Most modern farmers believe the general public would be amazed at how much technology is used on farms today, and many are excited about the potential for further refining farming practices using advances in technology.

First-world agriculture has seen substantial change during the last fifteen or twenty years, with the sizes of farms growing and drastic price fluctuations across the board. World food markets have expanded and then shrunk, which has impacted farmers across the globe. Consumers have become influential in creating niche food markets, and the growth of the internet has drastically altered how farmers find and gather information. With the arrival of the internet farmers went from receiving information on how to manage their farms and price changes from their mailbox or local agent to instantaneously accessing information online. Farmers can now receive information that influences their ability to make crucial decisions immediately, and they have the ability to effectively communicate with the consumer.

There have also been huge technological advances in the design and production of agricultural machinery and equipment. Farmers now use the internet and trade shows to access information on new machinery releases, keeping them up to date on the latest advances and ideas. Farmers are more equipped than ever to meet the demands of the global food market.

As farmers become more tech savvy, the access of online farming news is becoming increasingly popular as farmers are realizing the importance of staying up to date with new technologies entering the market.

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Hey, Change is necessary and we have to move with it or it will break us. Technology is the key to restoring the earth to its former glory.

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