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How To Choose A Carry On Luggage
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I normally travel with a backpack until I watched the movie “Up In The Air” featuring George Clooney. Only then I realized what a carry on wheeled luggage could do more for my travel and less strain on my back. Then I got myself a Samsonite Spinners. Taking the advice from the movie, there are several things that you have to consider whey buying a carry on wheeled luggage such as dimension, luggage compartment, material, weight and wheels. Having these few important criteria would help you in getting the right luggage for you.

The standard size for a carry on would be 22” x 14” x 9” (Length x Width x Height). This size would fit most of the airlines above compartment. But do check with the airlines before you travel. This is important so that you would not look stupid trying to fit your luggage in the above compartment which is slightly too small.

The next feature to look for is the luggage compartment. For me I would prefer one compartment to be slightly bigger than the other. Or having a 70/30 ratio. With this you could pack your bulkier items in the larger compartment and putting the smaller items in the other. You would also want look for a mesh zipper compartment so that you could store your toiletries. A good feature to have is an easy access compartment in the front or at the back. This would help you go through security checks faster whenever they need to see your laptop separately from your luggage and you could also easily store your laptop at the last minute before you board the flight.

There are two types of case that you could choose from, either the hard case of the soft case. I would prefer the expandable, water resistant, durable soft case. With the expandable feature, you could carry more on your way back in case that you need to get some souvenirs for the children or wife. This could come in handy. Since it is a wheeled luggage, it is also important that you look into the wheel construction. There are the 2 wheels or the 4 wheels luggage. The 4 wheels make it easier to maneuver, but the 2 wheeler will do just fine. I would suggest that you choose wheels with the inline skate type as they are smoother and are also suitable for slightly rough surface.

As this is a carry on wheeled luggage, you need to consider a minimal weight for the luggage so that you have more for packing. From the research that I have done, Samsonite Cosmolite spinners seems to be the lightest that I have found weighing at around 3.4kg. If weight is your main criteria, then this wheeled luggage would fit the bill.

There you have it, things to consider when you are shopping for a wheeled carry on luggage. A simple guideline that you need to look for are the size or dimension, luggage compartment, luggage construction material, wheels and weight.

What I find interesting and fits the criteria of a good carry on luggage is the Burton Wheelie Flight Deck. I suggest you check it out because this might be the luggage that you are looking for.

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