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Travel Without A Carry - On Bag
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Is it possible in this day and age to travel without a carry-on bag and still have everything you need for the journey. Let’s review the list:

  • Laptop/Notebook/Tablet. You can probably do without this provided that you have everything replicated on you smartphone with all your data “on the cloud”.

  • Mobile phone. Still an absolute essential and if you want to avoid carrying a laptop, notebook or tablet then this will have to be a “smartphone”. It will however fit in a pocket.

  • Charging equipment. This might be a problem although you could always carry this in your checked baggage.

  • Headphones. The best bet here is to go for the noise cancelling “earbud” type and again these will fit in your pocket. If you wear a hearing aid(s) this could be a problem. Best to get those powered by a battery then there is not a problem with charging equipment.

  • Camera. You will have to use the one on your smartphone.

  • Travel wallet. Not necessary, provided you have everything like boarding cards, frequent flier cards and hotel reward cards on your smartphone.

  • Medicines. If you use a “pill box” then these will also fit in your pocket.

  • Mints and gum. Either don’t carry them or again put them in your now ever expanding pocket!

  • Screen cloth. Put it in your checked baggage.

  • Reading material. If you are not prepared to carry a book or magazine then you will have to download your reading material on to your smartphone.

  • Business cards. If you need a many, then carry all but half a dozen in you checked baggage. The odd half dozen you can put in you wallet which presumably you are already carrying. Talking of which make sure your wallet is RFID blocked, preventing your credit card information from being stolen by an external reader. Access Denied carry a comprehensive range.

  • Spare reading glasses. You will probably have to do without these.

  • Sun glasses. Might have to go in the ever expanding pocket.

  • Car keys. Ever a problem, but if you can detach just the car entry key then this would also fit in your pocket.

  • Writing materials. Use your smartphone.

  • Razor, amenity kit, sewing repair kit etc. You may have to rely on whatever the hotel provides.

  • Spare underwear. Underwear now exists which is described as lightweight, fast-drying and moisture-wicking, meaning that you may not need to carry spares at all.

So there you have it - can you manage without a carry-on?

However if you are the sort of person who just has to carry all of the above items there may well be a way to do it and not have a carry-on bag.

There are on the market jackets and vests with pockets designed to carry most or all of the articles itemized above. One of the great advantages of using such an article of clothing is when you come up to security at the airport all you have to do is take off your jacket and put it through the scanner Watch out though, it may be a bit heavy!

Street Talk

I'm the same way.

  about 8 years ago

I honestly can't go on board without a carry on. I tried and didn't work. When I go on a vacation, my mind is set my luggage will be lost so I do pack the extra underwear and top. However, my carry on is a very small back pack which fits nicely under the seat unlike others whose carry on looks like it should be checked in (but to avoid the extra fees, they get away with it when aircraft is too small and they're going to be taken aside anyway). I went to NYC with just a carry on (my small back pack) and it was fabulous, first time I did that. Problem is I didn't dare try to take shaving thingy onboard so just bought something there @ the dollar store. Nice article.

  about 8 years ago
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