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Travelling To Mykonos Island
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Travelling to Mykonos Island

Imagine total sunshine sparkling across a vista of turquoise and sapphire. Sand from the beach massages the soles of your feet. This is a landscape of uncompromised beauty. This is Mykonos Island in Greece.

Being one of the top favourite holiday destinations in the world, it offers top quality natural beaches and a glamorous nightlife. It is a versatile Island, offering something for everyone. During the day, the beaches are the main attraction for tourists as you will always awake to blue skies and total bliss. It's clear waters and sandy beaches bring harmony and total relaxation. It never rains in the Summer months, you are always guaranteed SUNSHINE. The only disadvantage is the wind at times. The advantage of the wind comes for those who love to windsurf or kitesurf. Mykonos Windsurfing Club is in favour for it's location and offers lessons to those beginners and hiring of boards. Same applies for those who love to kitesurf. Kalfati Beach and Ftelia beach are great beaches for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Bring your own equipment or hire at a good reasonable price.

At night, everyone flocks to town, known as Chora. The aromas from Taverna's fill the air. Coffee shops situated on the water front offer a great view where you can enjoy a meze (snack) alongside with a glass of ouzo. The beauty of Mykonos Town is at night when all the shops are lit up by shop owners who are selling either Jewellery, Souvenirs, Art, Clothing (top designer range) or hand made products. By sunrise crowds are heading back to their Hotels after an unforgettable evening.

A few tips before you arrive. Go online and book ahead before your arrival. This will save you so much time. Hotels, Rooms and Camping locations have so much to offer and cheap rates depending on the season of course. Staying on the beach or in Town is an advantage, as you spend your days on the beach and nights in Town. Always check if a bus stop is located near your Hotel if you are not located near town or a beach. Mykonos Taxi service is great, running 24hrs. If you are on a tight budget, search for a room with cooking facilities. You can shop at the local Supermarket and cook your own meals which will be a big saver. Camping areas offer the cheapest accommodation deals on the Island, they have cabins and erected tents for rental. Town has Rooms for rent at reasonable prices. From Athens, catching a ferry to Mykonos would take approximately 5 hours. Fast boats take less, ranging between 2 and four hours. 2 local airlines fly direct to the Island numerous times a day. Duration time for flight is approximately 25 minutes. The good advantage of Island hopping in Greece, you can always connect to another Island via Ferry.

Busiest months are July and August, it is packed. So if you enjoy crowds, this is the best months to visit. June and September are wonderful, cheaper accommodation rates, not too crowdy and weather is not blistering hot as July and August.

A must is a trip to Delos Island (opposite Mykonos) which is the birth place of Apollo. Daily trips to the Island via boat are available.

I am a foreigner living in mykonos. The local people leave an imprint in your heart, making your vacation one never to be forgotten. It's energy will revive your senses and I guarantee you will yearn to return. If you love the beach and enjoy time out to party ... this is the place to spend your vacation. Enjoy

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