PCSO Anomaly
Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) anomaly became a hot issue in the Philippines during the past days. This…
Why is Syria Killing Its Own People
The Simple answer is Greed and Fear! Greed of a dictator 'President' Bashar al-Assad, and the fear of those who serve…
Bitcoin Market Crash
Within my circle it seems everyone is trying to use BitCoin as much as possible. They love how it is decentralized…
Military Cuts Make Us Weak And Vulnerable
We must spend more for the defense for the preservation of our beloved country. Our lives depend on the United States…
Where is Common Decency?
I saw an article on a manager of a Krogers store saying to a customer with food stamps, " Excuse me for working for…
Why Hillary’s Private Email is A Bfd
A week after the story of Hillary’s email scandal broke, we finally heard from the former Secretary of State. In…
Politics Articles (390)
The Ticks Of Politics
Our political arena could benefit with a massive research into finding a way to control its recent influx of tics. Two namely tics are; poli-tics and luni-tics, they're destroying our government and its professional operation that we used to be accustomed to. Some might blame this awful epidemic of tics…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Aug 25, 2011  
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Trump the Chump - From Business Hero to Groupon Bust
Not sure if you all heard the latest news, but Groupon has just announced that they are not going to allow The Donald to post Apprentice site ads on Groupon after a slew of customer complaints, and for a better word, an uprising. Who blames them.... Well, not Jerry Seinfield.…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Dec 28, 2011  
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When Former Associates Attack: Not Just Palin Around Anymore
A former member of Sarah Palin’s staff and reportedly a close member of the inner circle is about to release a tell all book that has been called, by all accounts, controversial and scathing at best. That book, culled from a huge number of emails that were sent to and…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   May 24, 2011  
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Could 9/11 Be An Inside Job
I know that, just think of the World Trade Center disaster in 2001, gives us an uneasy feeling of insecurity and vulnerability. This was the first time they were attacked on our soil. But what if it is not terrorists, caused by attacks? There are many theories out there as…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Oct 06, 2011  
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Obama Bullying Speech- Obama Anti Bullying Campaign Helps Support Vitims Of Bullycide
Every so often, we hear on the news or know someone that is a victim of bullycide. Well, recently, President Obama did a bullying speech and now has created an anti bullying campaign in effort to help stop bullying. What is bullycide? Bullycide is basically someone who comits sucide in…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Mar 10, 2011  
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Mubarak And Others Facing Charges: Will Justice Prevail for Egypt?
Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek, his wife Suzanne and their two sons as well as a business associate are likely to be facing a variety of charges including corruption as well as murder in the deaths of over eight hundred protesters. The Prosecutor General will likely seek the charges of…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   May 24, 2011  
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Birthplace Controversy
Birth certificates give us important information and help us to prove without a doubt our lineage, our full names, place of birth, our birth date. They also prove our parents names and can also include the signature of a witness. President Barrack Hussein Obama's place of birth has come into…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   May 11, 2011  
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Osama Bin Laden Dead
Clarence Darrow once said, "I have never killed anyone, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction." I am writing an obituary for Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden is dead and while I was not involved with his death, I have experienced remorse that he was not…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   May 07, 2011  
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Gop And the Wall Street Protests
Boston Globe AP Article October 16, 2011 An interesting article published in the newspaper above had me chuckling. Mr. Axelrod one of President Obama's advisors stated in an interview on ABC's "This Week," "The GOP doesn't understand the Wall Street's protests show that American wants a fair shake". They Understand…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Oct 16, 2011  
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Gaddafi’s Last Hope May Have Been Shot Down After Recent Summit
Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, has been barely holding on to control of that nation for several months, despite wide spread calls for his removal. There had been some interludes toward Russia as the last hope for remaining in power. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has decried the NATO missions over Tripoli…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   May 28, 2011  
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Polls Show: Trump’s A Chump, Should Not Stump
Should Donald Trump actually make a serious bid for the Republican Presidential nomination, or not? Trump will make his announcement sometime in June, however, according to the most recent poll numbers, he won’t be taken seriously, even among those in his own party. The CNN/Opinion Research poll showed that while…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   May 09, 2011  
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Marie Osmond, The Media, and Postpartum
Are media stories about postpartum making you nuts? Marie Osmond and her Brother Donny are back singing together and they are all over the media of late. It reminds me when, about 12 years ago, when Marie Osmond came out with a story of her postpartum plight, which was the…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Jun 01, 2011  
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The US Debt Crisis: Good News And Bad News
Well folks, the proverbial snowball is going to continue to keep rolling down the mountain. With the debt ceiling agreement deadline looming, it looks like the Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid along with Presient Barack Obama have finally caved, and have agreed, along with the Senate Republicans to raise the…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Aug 01, 2011  
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Osama Bin Laden's $50 million dollar reward
Osama Bin Laden's $50 million dollar reward Now that Osama Bin Laden has been killed, what is going to happen to the $50 million dollar reward. Well, maybe nothing will happen with it. Jay Carney, a white House spokesman, said that no one took the proper steps to be eligible…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   May 10, 2011  
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Q&A With Charles Hendry
In May 2010 Charles Hendry was appointed as Minister of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and now presides over the biggest decisions that affect the renewable energy sector. Finn Langley talks to him about conflicting manifestos, coalition’s plans for renewable energy and his personal motivations.   …
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Sep 30, 2011  
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Whats In It For Me?
The economy of the US and many other area’s in the world is at a low. Often when strapped with hard times, its possible for some to reflect upon the finer things in life, things that money can’t buy: Having a family gathering, taking a trip to the river, fishing…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Aug 18, 2011  
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Entitlement Program
Entitlement Programs: At what point does the helping hand become an enabling hand? “If you give a man a fish, you will feed him for a day, if you teach a man how to fish you will feed him for a lifetime.” Working first hand in the legal field with…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Aug 17, 2011  
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Family Feuds
You’ve got Credit. A Visa, a MasterCard, that Home Equity Line of Credit you’ve had for years. Obama has credit too. His is called the debt ceiling. You’ve got a perfect credit score of 800, although you know it doesn’t deserve to be that high The USA has a triple…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Jul 27, 2011  
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Obama Debt Relief
The U.S. economy is still suffering in the recession. Job Losses are at an all time high in the last two years. Because of this, Americans are struggling more than ever. They are facing bankruptcy and foreclosure. As of now, the economy has still not fully recovered and we majorly…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   May 18, 2011  
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Congratulations America, You Are Number One
Before we all stand up a rejoice at being number one, lets take a good look at what we are number one in.While I agree we in America still live in one of the greatest countries in the world, there are many areas this country needs to be fine tuned…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Jul 02, 2012  
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Herman Cain Faces Yet Another Challenge: Talk About Ending His Run Starts Looming
Campaign staff for Herman Cain's once bright and nearly meteoric rise are battening down the hatches, expecting the coming announcement that the campaign has been terminated. If Cain does go ahead and plow through amid a new scandal, it will still spell job loss for a number of campaign staffers…
By:  in  Politics   Nov 30, 2011  
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The Iran Inaccuracy Of the Obama Presidency
By Amir Basiri U.S. President Barack Obama has come under fire, especially from Capitol Hill, for his misguided nuclear agreement with Iran, which has provided a temporary but critical lifeline to a very dangerous regime. Two ballistic missile launches; rockets fired at ships in the Strait of Hormuz; ten American…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Feb 28, 2016  
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Hats Off To The Veterans Administration
The VA has had its share of critics. I am not one of them. In the midst of the Obamacare fiasco, I want to point out that the healthcare for veterans is in good hands. I understand in Minneapolis it was not always this way. I have heard reports that…
By:  in  Politics   Dec 30, 2013  
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Those Who Have Already Crossed; Preserving Traditions
The problem with the modernisation of any system or method is that it frequently exorcises the spirit of its original purpose. For example, a party that was set up by a group of people to serve their needs often mutates into a party which serves the needs of others, as…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Oct 02, 2011  
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Russia Ready for World War III Attack From the Crimea And the Kaliningrad Region
In preparation for World War I, Russia creates two places for future offensive operations of his army: in the south - in the Crimea and in the west - the Kaliningrad region - says well-known Russian historian, co-author of the famous book "Blow Russia", Assoc. Yuri Felsztyńska. - A world…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Jun 28, 2015  
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Political Halloween Costumes: Top 3 Republican Candidate Picks
The great thing about this being an election year is all the water cooler topics that keep everyone engaged in talking about politics. Political junkies love to banter back and forth. My conservative husband has a way with words and it's time to break out the big guns. His top…
By:  in  Politics   Sep 18, 2012  
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Mitt Romney's Dog Food Brand - Not Selling?
Just as you read, Mitt Romney's new dog food brand is far from selling. The few buyers of the 'dog on roof' dog food have given in their feed-backs on their experience with the product but it seems like he did not get the tender of it. If you have…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Feb 18, 2012  
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Michele Bachmanns Staff: Massive Shakeoff Could Spell Trouble for Her Campaign
Michele Bachman's presidential campaign has had yet another major shakeup in the last week after the entire New Hampshire office walked out, citing problems with the national campaign office. The five members of that office officially resigned late last week but the report was denied by Bachman's national campaign manager,…
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Heritage Foundation
The Heritage Foundation is a conservative “think tank” based in Washington, D.C. Founded in February 16, 1973 by Paul Weyrich, Edwin Feulner, and Joseph Coors. The foundation took a leading role in the conservative movement during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Heritage Foundation's mission is "to formulate and promote conservative…
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Laughing Hyena Or Barren Ferret
Well, here I am again dear reader, dragged unfortunately from my loving family, my wife having just last month, given birth to a most beautiful little girl, adding to our two other children, grades two and three, respectively. Just for the record,.I am an Australian national, my wife is a…
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On January 16th 2012, Wikipedia along with many other major well known sites decided to have a blackout…
USA reported that China deployed self-propelled artillery guns on one of the artificial islands in…
King Obama, that man who heads the mob that steals your money and instead of calling it "protection…
What will it take to promote world peace? When I started to write articles the one subject I decided…
Federalism is a legal and political concept suggesting that law is best made in a twofold relationship:…
And as of now, tours of the White House are still are closed! It is now being reported that lines…

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