2012 Elections – W W J D?
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2012 Elections – W W J D?

WWJD? What Would Jesus Do – better yet, what would he say about the GOP candidates and our President? Probably quite a bit.

Even though he was a humble carpenter, he could give a talk better than anybody on those religious channels. Do you wonder how he would see things…..hmmmm.

Those of you that know about my history regarding religion understand that I am in no position to judge anybody. And Jesus hasn’t given me any inside track on any of the GOP candidates or on the Prez.

But they have given me plenty to write about….so here we go! Before you read on I must state that I think these are all pretty much a decent bunch of guys. Pretty much.

They just happen to be political figures and Republicans are big on moral and religious issues. So that’s called fair game.

Obama got into the religious area with his Contraceptives for Catholics deal. So he’s fair game too.

First of all, let’s talk about the Republicans as a group. Clearly this is a party that does not realize one of two things:

  • Either they don’t know what the definitions are for liberal or conservative or
  • They don’t know anything about their candidates.

During the primaries, exit polls say that Santorum and Gingrich are getting most of the evangelical and conservative votes. Odd.

Two things I know. There is nothing conservative about old Newt and Little Ricky isn’t too far behind him.

And can somebody on God’s green earth please tell what the evangelicals and religious right are thinking. More in a bit on religion…..oh, goody!

I know that “Anybody but Mitt” has that ObamneyCare deal in Massachusetts to deal with, but his conservative credentials are way, way, way better than Newt’s. Plus they are every bit as good as Santorum’s.

But, the GOP right wingers say no. They simply have no understanding of the candidates at all. None.

I think it is because he’s Mormon. In a word, they could be a little squeamish about Mormonism.

I know they have some “odd beliefs”. But being objective, what religion doesn’t?

I mean really folks. Many people don’t even agree with everything within their own religion let alone others….and you know that’s true.

When Uber Right Winger Ann Coulter says that Mitt is the most conservative and Rushbag Limpbaugh says it’s Newt, the GOP should know there is trouble in River City. And the Southerners say it’s Santorum. It would appear that as a political party they don’t know who’s on first.

I love talking about religion with this group. Santorum is a hard line Catholic. He opposes birth control which explains eight kids minus the one that passed.

No condoms, no pills, no shots…..oops, probably not the best wording. He also said he does not believe in the separation of the church and state. He then cleared that up by saying that the constitution means we can bring religion to the front of the public square…..and he has.

He is also one of the favorites of the evangelicals. Now, the evangelicals are either those middle of the road Protestants that are of the Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell type: or they are Pentecostals which are the fastest growing segment of the Christian churches.

The biggest difference between those two is that the Pentecostals believe the Gifts of the Spirit are manifested with the speaking in tongues. And that’s another subject for somebody else’s blog.

As an FYI, on the Mormon Church’s home site they refer to the laying on of hands and speaking in tongues as a core belief. Take that you Pentecostals….and evangelicals!

Catholics want no part of speaking in tongues business. And of course, they believe in baptism at birth which many of the others do not. Getting all this????

Evangelicals believe that the Pope is not the head of any church as do the Catholics. They do not outlaw birth control and in certain instances refer to Catholicism as a cult or a false form of Christianity….but they like Santorum.

Many evangelicals also believe that Mormonism is a cult as well. Sorry Mittens.

One of my favorite things about Mormonism is that a big part of their religion is based on Jesus visiting Joseph Smith in America. Joe Smith – even the name sounds fishy…..like John Doe.

They also think the Book of Mormon is on a par with the Bible. It’s the Word of God too. Apparently God has several Words. He could….he’s God you know.

Mormons are non-Protestants that are Christians because they believe in Jesus Christ. They don’t believe in Original sin like the Catholics. But a handful of evangelicals do believe in Original sin. This really getting is hard to follow.

And then there is Newt. Another favorite of those that consider themselves evangelicals.

Raised loosely Lutheran, he joined the Southern Baptist Church in grad school and converted to Catholicism later in life. It was like his marriages.

Let me touch on that briefly: At 19 he married his high school Geometry teacher…she was 26. He was a stud in 1962.

At some point don’t you think something illegal happened? Maybe?

Then in 1980 he had an affair with Marianne Ginther who was nine years his junior. It was widely reported he dumped his first wife because “She wasn’t pretty enough to be a first lady and besides, she has cancer”. I said it was rumored.

During his second marriage he had an affair with Callista Bisek who was 23 years his junior. The second wife had cancer too.

Callista was younger, prettier and didn’t have cancer. How convenient.

That sums up his religious and moral beliefs pretty well I guess. Every so often you need a new wife and a new religion. And how the evangelicals condone this is totally beyond me…..but then again, lots of things are beyond me…..like cookie dough ice cream.

So the GOP is faced with a conundrum. Note: that is not something Obama is trying to force the Catholic Church to supply to its workers…..it means there’s a problem.

And here is their problem. The far right brought religion into the mix and now they are faced with picking between two “cult” members and a philanderer who doesn’t know which church to show up at on Sunday. Toughie.

I am not saying that any of these religions are a cult. They all point that ugly finger at each other. And right in there with them is that “Holier than Thou” group.

It appears the Grand Old Party isn’t big on religious tolerance or on knowledge. Perhaps they will do better as time goes on…..perhaps.

The upside is that they are running against Barak Obama. Did you know he was called Barry until graduate school? Yup, Barry.

While living with Mom and step Dad in Indonesia he went by the name Barry Soetoro, adopting the surname of his Indonesian stepfather.

His mother’s passport listed him with the surname Soebarkah. Now we know why he’s got birth certificate issue…..the guys had more names than the New York phone book.

While the Republicans have all these hard core religious issues to consider, the Democrats do not. Obama admittedly was a “non practicing” Christian well into college and came from a “non practicing” Methodist and Baptist mother.

His birth father was raised Muslim in Kenya but later became a confirmed atheist. His adoptive father was Indonesian and Barry lived with him and his mother from 1967 to 1974.

Summary: He was pretty much a non practicing Methodist-Baptist-Muslim-Atheist kind of guy….but he was “spiritual”. At one time that meant you smoked pot. He did.

He then moved back to Hawaii to live with grandparents. So religions and names were pretty much hit and miss until then.

We do know as far as religion, he did spend twenty years at Trinity United Church of Christ, a black liberation church…whatever that means. There he was an active member under the famous Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Wright was the one who gave the sermon after 9/11 where he said “America’s chickens have come home to roost”. He basically said America brought on 9/11 because of our actions.

He referred back to the times the white man took land from the Indians, our bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, support of Israel against the Palestinians and our position on South Africa. Because of our history he said “It’s no longer God bless America, but God damn America”.

And while those words were inflammatory, taken in context, they are understandable. Simply put he said violence begets violence.

As the controversy grew, an increasing number of Wright’s other comments became public and so did public outrage. Some of his stuff was a little racist…..just a little…..and his sermons document his well known dislike for Jews.

Obama eventually distanced himself then broke ties with Wright’s church and Wright himself. He said he never heard the Rev talk like that. That’s ok; I fell asleep in church before too.

After searching for “the right fit”, Obama settled on Evergreen Chapel at Camp David. Kind of his own personal church.

It’s because of his “I’m sooooo special attitude” that we can now say “What do Jesus and Obama have in common?” They both have their own churches. Ha!

That goes right along with the joke what do Jesus and Obama have in common? Neither one of them have a birth certificate!

So what we know about Barry Soebarkah (that’s your guy you Democrats) is he changes his name more often than Newt changes wives and religions. As far as religion goes, he kinda made up his own. Perfect!

So how do you think Jesus would look at this?

My guess is he would laugh at the Republicans because their exit polls indicate they don’t know they are talking about. I don’t think he would go as far as saying they are stupid…..he’d likely keep that thought to himself.

He would likely embrace the diversity and commitment that some individuals have…..but tell them everybody does not have to believe the same way they do.

He might judge some and being either fickle or phony – that’s just a guess.

He may tell Newt that cancer isn’t a good reason to leave a wife. And there are still lots of options left if he doesn’t want to stay Catholic….this year.

Twenty five more pounds and he would look like a white Buddha. Just sayin.

He could suggest to Obama to stick with a name for a while and pick a church that is HIS, not his. After all, Obama is not the Messiah….although I think that could have been his middle name for two months in late in 1981.

But overall, I think he would tell some of them not to use the government to push their personal religious or moral beliefs on others….and that clearly goes for both parties.

He would also remind them how many lives have been lost over the years in the name of God. He would remind them of the intolerance in the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere where are people being killed every day over religious differences.

He would say “Stop being divisive. Be better than that”. I’m pretty sure that’s what he would say. How many would listen is anybody’s guess.

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Hello L M, This is the very reason that I wrote my article, to unite our leaders in the government with specific objectives. I like your article with positive objective. Let me know what you think of my article, hopefully, part II which I submitted last night will be approved soon and ready for you to read too. Regards, Daniel

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