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Barak And “w” – The Bobbsey Twins
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Barak And “w” – the Bobbsey Twins

Nothing is funnier to me than political gurus that are full of beans. Nothing.

No two presidents in the last several decades have more in common than Barak “Barry” Obama and George W. ”The Shrub” Bush.

Their supporters think they are polar opposites. Ha!

The left and the right hate the other and they cannot say enough wonderful things about their own glorious idols. Yes, idols.

The finger pointing between each administration is amazing. Predictable, but amazing.

It’s also bull. Pure and simple

But here are the facts. Each came from a background of pure cronyism.

When The Shrub was running for Guv he kept a small handful of friends very, very close to him. They were his only advisers and they were the only individuals that he confided in.

They cleaned up his “military mess” so he could run for president. Check it out, they followed him from Texas to DC.

They also tidied up some of his college history so it didn’t look too bad to those evangelicals. They were his good friends.

Barry on the other hand didn’t really have much of a history when he was elected to the highest office in the land. But he did have a few close pals that helped him organize a block party in Chicago once.

Today he is surrounded by his Chicago buds. Every time one leaves, he brings another one on board.

He is as predictable and as egotistical as any president in modern history. Yes, true that.

Once these two became elected they did the very same thing. The surrounded themselves with a few close advisers and shut everybody else out.

Both administrations had individuals complain that they had no input in staff meetings. Each one of them said that the POTUS only listened to a few advisers.

Both administrations reflect the limited input of outside thought. They were both run by close minded individuals.

They ruled like narrow minded individuals that never saw the “big picture” because they only saw a slice of it. really.

Similarities run rampant throughout both administrations. Because they both always thought they were right and surrounded themselves with like minded people, they made similar decisions.

Lack of concern for the financial stability of America and blind favoritism were signature policies of both administrations. Both jacked up our economy without thought of the long term effects on our country.

Both took care of their pet projects and friends without care to the cost to our country and its reputation. Both destroyed the credibility and the stature of America in the eyes of the world.

Yes, to you conservatives and liberals alike, your icons are the fabled Bobbsey twins. They acted alike, the governed alike and they thought alike.

They just stood on different sides of the fence but their administrations mimicked each other. Mimes if you will.

Each became the symbol of divisiveness and pure politics…not the leader of the free world. Glaring truth.

So when the talking heads yap about the opposition, just remember the Bobbsey Twins. Barry and the Shrub!

Two peas in a pod!

Street Talk

S. Gray  

I agree with you about one thing: Barack Obama and George W. Bush don't bleed blue or red or black and white. They bleed in the only color that matters in America and to most Americans: GREEN!

  about 9 years ago

Ouch....but perfect none the less.

  about 9 years ago
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