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Bill Clinton Speech 2012
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Bill Clinton Speech 2012

After the Michelle Obama speech DNC, Bill Clinton speech 2012 is by far one of a kind that will be talked about through out this election. One can barely wait for the debates.

Pointed remarks, standing ovations and factual elegance graced the speech of an orator long missed on such a grand stage. President Bill Clinton is back and he is back with a vengeance. On the DNC stage he delivered a fiery speech that drove the rapturous crowd to its feet and gathered more chants than a many a rock concert.

President Clinton started off in a mellowed tone showing his mutual respect for his ideological enemies. Mentioning former republican greats Eisenhower and Regan by name, he showed his admiration for them while talking of his cooperation with both the Bush Presidencies. Stating that while in office he worked with political opponents and rebuking the Republicans for “hating the president”.

He then launched into an impassioned defense of the Obama administration, skillfully tackling all the criticisms against with fact checking score keeping and gentle comedy.

On the question of if the country is better off he said,

“Are you where we want to be today?


Is the president satisfied?

Off course not.

But are we better off than when he took office?”

The crowed answered with a standing ovation.

He goes on to say that 750000 jobs were lost a month when Obama took office, highlighting that “economy is the biggest issue” in this election. Using his own economy situation as an example he says "no president could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just 4 yrs."

He then touted that the recovery act of the president has helped create 4.5 million private sector jobs in the last 29 months, rebuking the congressional republican for trying to derail it.

Pointedly he say on job score

President 4.5 million: congressional republican-0

500000 manufacturing jobs were added which is an increase since 1999.

The epic story of saving GM and Chrysler also appeared in his speech.

He began, “job score ( laughter from audience), are you listening in Ohio and Michigan and across the country

Obama -250000, Romney-0 “, pointing out the latter’s reluctance to save the ailing giants.

Clinton also praised the President for revamping the education system, and implementing a system that allows for students to stay in college without fear of debt.

Then he moved on to the all-important topic of health care (which drew a battle cry from the audience) that has divided the nation for a long time.

Highlighting the important point of health care reforms he mentions how this new system

• Allowed for individuals and businesses to get over a Billion dollar refund.

• 80-85% premium go to your health care not profit or promotion

• Rates lowered to comply with policy

• 3 million more people (19-25yrs ) insured for first time, because parents policies did not cover them.

• Seniors receives preventive care.

• Insurance companies get more clients as more of the middle class are added.

With arms raised up in a victory embrace the president goes on to say that in the Last two yrs. Health care cost have been under 4%(inflation) for the first time in 50 yrs., adding “Are we better off because president Obama fought over health care reform?, You bet we are.”

President Clinton then dealt on the issue of Medicare and Medicaid raised in Tampa staunchly defending the president.

The speech was concluded with fiery and impassioned appeal for re-election of Barak Obama urging the voters to act to create a society of shared prosperity, a growing middle class and declining poverty.

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Romney for our family.

  about 1 decade ago

that's the magic of democracy, everybody has a choice!

  about 1 decade ago

Nuff said

  about 1 decade ago


  about 1 decade ago
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